23 February 2009

Thus they laid seige

Today William Barrett Travis was forced into the Alamo by the arrival of Santa Anna's army. The blood red flag of "no quarter" was raised, San Antonio de Behar had fallen to the dictator's hand, and the siege began.

As sacred a day as this is in the history of Texas, Travis made a very foolhardy decision to hold on to the Alamo, in direct violation of his commanding officer (Sam Houston). Doing so cost the lives of good men, but in turn gave the Republic precious time to mount an army, not just a bunch of volunteers scattered throughout the area. On the one hand it was ignorant and suicidal, on the other is was a desperately needed delaying tactic. History will long fight over if it was a good or bad thing but without it, the Republic would not have had so strong a rallying cry. It turned into a political disaster for Santa Anna with the cruel death of well known American figures, men who's death in war would strengthen American resolve to have Texas in the union, and outside of Mexican control.

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