30 March 2010

Por mi padre

Per your request, photos of the under carriage. From the looks of it the exhaust has GOT to be replaced. I'm not sure about the actual pipes for the exhaust but I don't see any holes or corroded spots on them. I know with the weld they'll probably have to go anyway, but I see no outward signs of rust or corrosion besides being in a state that uses salt to melt ice & snow.

25 March 2010


Ahh, some days it is sweet some days it is not.

Got a new RX for my glasses, now to get new glasses.

Van is now plated, woo hoo! Still needs work doing on it but we're getting there slowly but surely.

Have decided I'm getting too old to put up with some people's crap. Of course when said people told this I'm the bad guy. Ohs wells, still done with their crap.

Looking towards Spring Break. We're trying to get to DC to see the Smithsonian & the National Zoo. They're FREE!!! Free is Rhi's fav price! Clearance (pronounced "Klare ance" in your best hoity toity voice) is Rhi's bestest friend!

About 1/2 done with stripping the grass for the raised beds I'm putting in for the garden this year. High enough to hopefully not flood or float away.

Broke the wheel barrow while carting wet sod. Not best pleased with that one, but it was several years old so it did see some use before going to gardening tool heaven.

Looking at a Gorilla cart for the new one. Those are COOL! They're also pricey for my cheap butt so I may not get one, but I'm thinking the $$ in the short term is offset by the life time of use versus repeat replacing of cheaper ones. Still haven't convinced myself of that one.

Looking for ZOMBIE garden stuff. Like the little head & hands you put on the soil to make it look like one is climbing out of its grave. Hehehe, I lurve me some zombies.

I think, looking at some of these wurdz that I read LolCats a bit too much lately.

Trying to get US gov to agree that a culinary degree is a "mobile" career. Seems "makeup artist" is but "culinary arts" isn't as of yet. That is the height of gov stupidity.

Oh & I'm happy to have the post from the offered guest blogger. I shut down my yahoo e-mail for this account some time ago so I'll need to send you an e-mail from my account but I'm happy to share if it fits in with my bizarre ramblings.

Hope all is well in cyber land!

16 March 2010

New Recipe

I added a recipe for Butter at the recipe blog. I haven't fallen off the Earth, just busy living life.

Time to get back to prepping the garden. Hope all is well in cyberspace and IRL.
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