27 April 2009

Commnuicable Disesase 101

Good morning class! Today we're going to discuss the futility of using a surgical mask to shield you from the flu! If you're wearing one, it will NOT (repeat, NOT) protect you from, or prevent you from getting, the flu. Not human flu, not avian flu, not swine flu. Just because Asians wear them doesn't make it good hygiene, or disease prevention practice.

If the Spanish Lady has again come to dance, you're just as safe without one on, and you won't look like a moron who doesn't grasp the basics of virus size versus porousness of a cloth. Oh, she's the "Spanish Lady" because Spain was not a belligerent nation during WWI and actually published the fact there was a flu rampaging and laying waste to it's people. As the belligerents didn't list their death tolls (or even that they had the sickness) an estimated 40 MILLION (at least) died during her last visit. Mother Nature's population control at it's finest - kill all the breeding age adults (20-40) while NOT killing most children or elderly as a normal flu. I am a pessimist, I'm 30. We're overdue for a Pandemic, too.

Repeat after me - the best way to keep yourself from getting the flu is to use good hygiene practices like washing/sanitizing your hands on a regular basis. Covering your cough or sneeze with your elbow to prevent it getting on your hand. Abstain from hand shaking to prevent transfer. Avoid large gatherings such as movie theaters and other enclosed areas. Walk on the sidewalk if possible instead of riding in a subway car or bus if you must venture out.

If you're sick, STAY HOME! Do not spread the disease by wanton lack of hygiene. You won't earn yourself any friend, or influence people.

For the surprise pop quiz, were you paying attention?

How many died (at least) during the last Pandemic?

Why was it called the "Spanish Lady"?

Who were (and are) the most likely candidates to die?

Will a surgical mask keep you from getting sick?

I'll give you extra credit if you can tell me the percentage of the world's population that died during the "Spanish Lady's" outbreak.

23 April 2009

Well sumbitch ...

Rick Nelson's "Garden Party" album is one hard sumbitch to come by! YouTube is useless as well, I can ONLY find "Garden Party" from that album, none of his other songs in any form. Blech.

1. "Let It Bring You Along"
2. "Garden Party"
3. "So Long Mama"
4. "I Wanna Be With You"
5. "Are You Really Real?"
6. "I'm Talking About You" (Chuck Berry)
7. "Night Time Lady"
8. "Flower Opens Gently By"
9. "Don't Let Your Goodbye Stand" (Richard Stekol)
10. "Palace Guard"

I have yet to locate a copy over here anywhere! No USAFE library has a copy of it, and I really don't want to pay and arm and a leg for an LP that I can't play (no turntable).

It isn't like he's some child molesting criminal, head shaving druggie, or lunatic diva! No, sadly, he just passed to early in life and was a good singer (don't know about showman). It seems in the 'modern' world if you have any genuine talent, you're to be shoved out the door as soon as possible, and have dust fall on your LPs, and have your voice silenced. I mean, come on! No real human would want to hear someone who can sing without a drum machine, or fake vocals!

Yeesh! People wonder why we're stuck with "do buffaloes have wings" kind of stupid? Because vapid heads, crappy vocal cords, and big tits is all that's required by most consumers. I'm genuinely ashamed of American 'culture' and the fact a bimbo with no talent (other than kissing a chick with chapstick) can outshine a man who truly had talent is depressing.

I'm off to YouTube the stupid away ... It might take a while. It seems 'culture' has left a bad taste in my mouth, and a horrible ringing in my ears.

21 April 2009

An Auspicious Day

I didn't even pay a haruspex either!

Today is the accepted founding of Rome in 753 BCE. Today is the greatest win of the Texican Revolution - San Jacinto! Two of my greatest loves connected in their greatness on one day!

I hope your day is wonderful, and don't go reading entrails ...

20 April 2009

1 down, 1 to go, 1 to fail

Haha, I'm sure my dad gets the title joke.

I finished one of my 'homework' assignments. I make my kids continue learning over the summer. There is no such thing as "summer slump" in our house, nor was there one in my childhood home, or my mom's, or back and back. I do not allow my children to vegetate for the summer. I believe in continuing to expand their mind and horizons. However, my middle child seems to take this not so much in stride. She complained to my dad (hi daddy!) that it wasn't fair that I could give them homework, but that I never had to do any. Ooooh, the things the child doesn't realize at this age.

So, my father gave me 3 pieces of 'homework', to be done by the time we reached TX. Sadly, we will not be able to take leave in conjunction with our PCS, so we will be traveling directly to VA. However, I have still been working on my 'homework'.

My three subjects were - read Gorky Park by Martin Cruz Smith; listen to a copy of "Garden Party" by Rick Nelson; listen to Rush (not Limbaugh though he's just as bad imo).

I've finished Gorky Park. Very good book, very very Soviet like. I've got the next one (Arctic Star) on order from the library up at Ramstein. I will say the ending is not what I expected (much gorier than), but very open-ended and not at all to my tastes. I'm hoping with the next one that the open endedness of it feeds well into the next part of the story.

Rick Nelson is NOT any easy artist to get a cd of. He's in that la-la land of musical history in which no one copies his stuff for dubbing into movies, and very few cds were made of his lp masters. I'm working on it though, so ... And I do NOT use Apple iTunes as they want to do everything in Euro and Italian based on my IP and I have no desire as an American to be forced to use a foreign language and foreign (read much more expensive) currency.

I will NOT listen to Rush. I would rather fail that 'assignment' than subject my tender head and ears to that drivel.

18 April 2009


I feel like that, at least for the moment. I've got PCS wheel's up dates, billeting dates, housing pre and final out inspection dates. I've got Medical Clearance paperwork, I've got Hard Copy Orders. I've got a truck shipping date, and a date for FMO to drop off loaner furniture. I've got a date to get our household shipment, and unaccompanied baggage, dates. Yeah, yeah my husband did most of that but I put in a fair amount of leg work too.

I just typed up our housing request for the gaining base now I only need to fax it.

I've typed my PTA newsletter, board meeting minutes, I've made all the beanbags for our upcoming carnival (though I need to sew a few more closed). I've finished the new Nomination Forms for the incoming board nominations.

So now I sit, somewhat vegging. Our PCS is moving along smoothly, though we won't be going to TX as hoped. We will go directly to VA, with no leave in conjunction. Now, just a few more things to stress over, but other than that things are coming together nicely. Yay!

13 April 2009

Back from

The Phlegraean Fields. While I didn't meet Dis Pater, or get to see the Sybil in action in Cumae, I had a good trip.

As of now my card reader is misbehaving so I can't upload any of the 3 gig of photos I took of the region, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontis, Stabae or the other regions but I have lots of photos.

I took a friend on a "private tour" of Pompeii. We happened to both go to Naples (her first time) with the families and she wanted to see the dead people in Pompeii. So, I took them to the Suburban Baths, the Casa Ara Massima, Casa del Principe de Napoli, Casa Amorini Dorati, & Casa del Menandro in 7 hours. I also got to visit the ancient herbalist in Pompeii for some Lavender perfume, and some honeysuckle oil and even some cooking goods. I also made a point of paying homage to the Lares in all the shrines I found. A pox on those that would take the offering to the gods!

Hopefully they enjoyed the trip, even if I did keep them awhile. Oh, and for the record they've closed the cafes in Pompeii's & Herculaneum's Scavii. That sucks butt as they both had bathrooms, though they did open up a few new goodies in Herculaneum (but the Villa of the Papyri is still closed for excavations).

I got to see Roman Hell (technically the entrance to the Roman Underworld). Saw what's claimed to by the Sybil's cave at Cumae (I highly doubt it), the Temple of Zeus, and the Temple of Apollo (I would think the caves in the region of the Apollo would be where the Sybil was). Cuma wasn't a bad trip, but not much of it survives sadly. I also paid homage to Apollo and Zeus, though not to the 'Sybil's cave'. Again, a pox upon those that would disrespect the offering!

I'll upload pics as soon as I can access them via my finicky card reader.
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