27 February 2009


I really don't like getting up at 430 to take my husband to work. Oh, did I mention I have to take the kids with me as I can't leave them home alone? Why at 430? They changed the time he needed to be in and notified him just over 8 hours before he had to go to work.

The beater finally beat it. We're working on getting another, but we're down to one vehicle. The truck.

Did I mention the O2 sensor is f*cked? That the moron that programed the computer chip (which is a whole different rant) has it set to make the O2 sensor drop MORE gas as it's "running lean" according to the error code when it obviously is NOT?!? We're getting less than 5 miles to a gallon! Yeah, when we used to get 380+ to the tank, we're getting 140 at best and that the horrible 140 is an improvement over 100 to the tank? How do I know this? The truck is out of gas on the side of the road. It ate 1/8 of a tank to go less than 5 miles! It's a 22 gallon tank. That works out to an insanely stupid waste of rationed gas.

Did I mention that it was about 530am when it died? No, I didn't? Well now you know.

How about that we need new spark plugs and O2 sensor and that the base Auto Hobby shop doesn't carry those items? That Italians don't have any form of Auto Zone or Pep Boys or auto supply or repair store other than the local Agip? That Italians don't seem capable of pumping their own gas, let alone replacing regular maintenance items? That at best you can buy spare headlight bulbs at the 'auto' store?

Auto Zone decided to ship the parts a week AFTER we ordered them, though they had them "in stock" at the time? That the Chrysler dealer has NO IDEA what a Dodge is, how to fix it, or get a manual? Yeah, I can't take it for work at the shop here because they don't know how to fix a truck. Way to go there Chrysler! Don't train your mechanics, but if you get a call from an American overseas swear that "all Chrysler dealers are trained and equipped to help you". What a load of bullshit!

Oh, did I say that it broke down after I dropped hubby at work and that the girls and I weren't home yet? Thankfully one of the other NCOs was headed to PT and went out of his way to get us home. That it died in a traffic circle, and that at least 15 Americans drove right on by? I'd say something about the Italians but they're generally really rude up here.

Now I'm now stuck with a deadline to be at school, no gas in the lawnmower's can, NO GAS STATIONS OPEN until AFTER 9! (24 hours? WTF is that?!? Convenience? Doesn't exist in this country!), and hoofing it a couple miles to the nearest station, filling 2 can with insane gas prices, and then a couple more miles of carrying full gas cans to the truck? Oh yea, any wonder why I HATE Italy??!?!?!?! Why you can't get me on the plane fast enough? Why I will be doing a happy dance as soon as the dust from this crap hole is off my shoes?

So I spent the last 3 hours out of my bed, an hour of it in a truck that was freezing because there was no gas to heat it with (or drive home with), and I had 3 children with me (1 insisting on being a brat). Any wonder why I'm not in a fabulous mood?!? Anyone want to guess why we don't just "tough it out and use one car until you PCS?" Anyone?


  1. Even with Virginia's shortcomings you noted a while back, I'm sure it's looking even more attractive these days.

  2. Oh honey. Hug!!! If I had been there i'd have helped. As for auto parts, or manuals, if there is ever anything you need just shout and I can get them asap and ship to you overnight. Sadly I can't also ship hubby as he is a mechanic and has recently fitted a new engine to both our truck (?) (Range Rover) and my compact (?) (Escort XR3I Cabrio). Make yourself a nice big 'CHUFF CHART' with the amount of days to count down to leaving Crapiano and make a big deal each day about crossing each one off. Oh and I would be writing a nice big letter to the Chrysler Europe CEO about the LACK of customer service available, with a huge emphasis on you, a roadside and 3 young children...ha ha... if nothing else it may get you a free service or something, or perhaps a loaner vehicle??? Hugs again. H.xx


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