26 June 2009

We're Here...

VA, fear us! Hehe.

We're in Hampton, we've got a hotel, we've got the truck back, we've returned the rental, the pets are alive and well somewhat happy, the kids are alive and mommy and daddy are too.

Next up to find a house. Let's say the one at Langley is um, well, I've never seen 8 Senior NCOs (to include two Chiefs) crammed into one building. Unless that puppy has an engorgement charm or is hiding the TARDIS, there's no way in hell it has 4 bedrooms big enough for my family.

Off to WAL-MART!!!

14 June 2009

Happy Birthday USA

234 years old, and still doing a heck of a job! Happy Birthday to America's Army!

11 June 2009

I found something of interest in DC

It isn't there yet, but I wanna go when they get there.

Bombshell Betty's Pinup Workshop.

I love having eclectic friends that do out of the ordinary things. Life is so much more interesting that way.

05 June 2009

The house, the house, the house is...

Packed. 12 1/2 crates, and 2 days later my goods are on a truck somewhere in Italy heading to VA. Yay!!!! 2 more weeks and I'm on the way too!
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