19 February 2009

No, Stupid, I won't

Pay your balloon mortgage! Just because you're an idiot and opted to get one does NOT mean I feel the need to take it over and "rent to own" your home! By rent, I mean "RENT", not purchase. I have no desire to settle in Virginia, nor will I buy my first home there.

Also, WTF is with the 5' between you and your neighbor's house? If I wanted them that closed I'd live with them! I don't want them that close (or living with me) so no, I do not want to live in a suburb. I don't dig people telling me my lawn is 1/4" too long, that my hedges aren't perfectly level (yes, they've actually done it), or that my dog is too big for my yard. Unless you can guarantee that the neighbors will keep their dirty little noses in their own stinky little messes, I don't want neighbors! I generally used to go out of my way to be nice to the neighbors. Aviano has sucked that right the fuck outta me! I don't want anything to do with ANY of my neighbors here. They could be sociopaths, lawyers, or even saints and I still want NOTHING to do with them. Why on god's green earth am I going to want to live within spitting distance of the next house?

Oh, there's a new recipe up on the recipe blog. It isn't even a re-post from previously, it's a brand new one. Don't you all feel special? I really hope a recipe on my blog is not what makes you feel special.

Oh, and the family blog has been updated as well. See? I'm trying on the Tacita front! Today is a holy day to Dea Tacita (the goddess of Silence, and hence the dead). It is also about mid-way through the Parentalia festival dedicated to the souls of departed parents.


  1. Totally agree!!! Which is why I rarely used to even bother to get to know the names of my neighbours in military housing. Once in a block of flats the neighbours who lived below tried to get us arrested for child endangerment because they said I washed my balcony and their baby was on their balcony!!! Go figure...! Oh and by the way, I had witnesses to the fact that the baby WAS NOT on the balcony!!!

    When I met MRHHX he could not believe that I am sooooo precious about my home and space that only a handful of people had ever seen the inside of my home, and some of the people who HADNT were family. Chuckle. He has now come round to my way of thinking.

    However..... as military we have the problem of having to rent, unless we keep buying and selling as we move, and if we rent, then someone else owns it.... and probably has a mortgage, so... it's a hard thing to avoid.

    Good luck on the house hunting though. Make sure you find somewhere real nice... after all... it's gotta be somewhere I can come visit!!! ha ha ha ha..

  2. Stop holding back and tell us how you really feel, Rhi!

  3. Heidi I mean the abysmal market. Basically idiots bought balloon mortgages on houses they couldn't afford. Now to avoid foreclosure they're hoping to unload them on someone who will take over said terrible %rate loans and keep them from bankrupcy. Personally, if you make $40,000 you do NOT need to be buying a $100,000,000+ home. Any home worth more than 25x your yearly income is out of your price range.

    On the letting people in ... Here I know of 5 people that have been in my home. My home is sacrosanct territory. You have to be very, very high up the list to even get invited in. To get an invite to come for a visit is just extra special. Just you and 2 other people have ever been given the invite. :D

    Oh, Boyd. You don't want to see me let totally loose. :D


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