16 October 2009

Enough with 2012!

Ugh. I hate doomsday predictions, and I hate chicken littles. Combine the two and you're in for a world of scorn and ridicule! Graft that stupidity onto an ancient calendar and we're reaching levels of animosity reserved for only the most insidious perpetrators of arrogant Western though.

The world WILL NOT END in 2012! The damn Maya say so, their calendar says so, astronomers say so, archaeologists say so, and so does the dang Bible! No amount of morons looking for star happenings in galaxies light years away, no number of dumbass hollyweird movies, or Discovery Channel specials will change that!

Look here, I may be a pagan and be quite proud of it but even I remember the Bible. Yea, that pesky little frame work so very few who espouse Christianity ACTUALLY follow. Its followers have been screaming Armageddon and the end of the world since 34 CE. They don't have such a good track record with the end of the world and all.

Then we have the sandwich board loons. The "END IS NIGH" kind of folks. The Y2Kers, the Hale-Bop comet crazies, and the like. The ones who screamed that Bird Flu, then Swine Flu would be the eradication of humanity. If only it was, to get rid of the likes of them!

Seriously folks, its time to put down the funky purple kool-aid and get a grip!

Mankind can not possibly fathom the end of the world. I have no idea when it will happen, but I'm perfectly okay with saying Dec. 2012 ain't it. The fact a cycle in a millenial old calendar comes to a close on that date does not equate to the end of the world. If I know you and you espouse this belief, expect an ass beating come 2013, because I will be around and you will be a moron in need of a boot up side your behind!

09 October 2009


I can't think of a title, I'm suffering mommy/pcs brain. Yeah, that's it! I'll go with that excuse.

The kids are in school. The oldest is already sliding on the path of not doing work & lying to mommy & daddy/teachers about homework. Note to child, I can log into your online school and see all your homework, and your grades. We have a conference next week and I'm ready to take her out of band. If she won't do her basic, core subjects of English, Social Studies, Science & Math then I can't in good conscience see her participating in after school fun activities. Of course I don't want to take her out of band, but its her choice of her behavior not mine. I will make her tow the line.

Middle one is doing well. I'm still not done with painting her bed. She's got the Iliad, the Odyssey, & the Aenid. She's got a few god/goddess symbols, and even some Dr. Who but I've got more drawn out & as yet unpainted. Life gets in the way sometimes...

Nox (aka Nyx), Eye of Horus, Hypnos

The Iliad - pretty clear depiction of the Trojan War in my opinion.

The Odyssey

The Aenid

The complete Trojan War as told by Homer & Virgil

(Why the Aenid & Odyssey & Iliad you ask? The child has read them all! She loves mythology and wanted to read them. More power to her I say, she's read more books, than most adults, on the subject.)

The Doctor makes an appearance. Or well, the TARDIS, his helpers, & his enemies.

The youngest heathen is doing well. We REALLY miss our Speech Therapist from Aviano. The one here is lovely, don't get me wrong, but totally not the same personality. Youngest is doing fine with it & enjoying school but we still miss those friends we left in Italy.

The krat & dog now get along just fine. They chase each other round the house on a nightly basis, she stalks him, he jumps like on a trampoline & she gives him evil looks. He's a member of the family when he gets the evil stink eye from the krat! They even share their food dishes nicely & show concern for each other so we think they're a good fit.

The dog has some new clothes. No I did NOT teach him to wear them. He came with 1 little sweater he loves. I can't even say clothes, I must spell it as he knows that word and goes looking for them when you say it. He's got a styling jacket, & a little back warmer poncho like thing, & a set of shoes (since there's 4 I don't think that's a pair...). I'm trying to decide what to dress him as for Halloween. He will be staying inside come trick-or-treat as he's not been well socialized & still likes to bark too much, but he's a good dog that just needs a little more help on the friendly meter.

The garden is dying back. Totally expected it as its been decidedly cooler in the mornings. Got nada from it this year except 1 zucchini (how is 1 even possible?? They're like the rabbits of the plant world!). Oh well, started it late and didn'e expect it to produce much so that's okay. Compost is ready to go down but I'll lay it in a bit, after the plants die back & I dump some horse manure & soil for a raised one for next year.

Okay, life calls. Until next time.
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