09 April 2011

Budget, we don't need no stinkin' budget!

It isn't like the US military in 3 war zones needs to be payed or their family has the need for roofs & food.

So the lazy bastards passed a stop gap until Thursday. Yay, let's all throw them a party & pretend they did something good. Let's pretend that they deserve to be rewarded for doing their jobs, as though they're some knight in shining armour set to protect us from the dragon - oh, don't look too close at that dragon or you're realize it's at their command in the 1st place. Let's all ignore the giant f*cking elephant in the room that is the complete & utter bankruptcy of their morals & our bank account.

We can NOT keep spending. WE don't have the funds! We're mortgaged to the hilt to the Red Chinese.

We can NOT pay for all the shit DC wants. However they're too essential in a shutdown to not get paid, while the US military amounts to nothing more than Park Rangers & Capitol tour guides.

There are no sacred cows left. Gut Medicare & Medicade. Slash funding for DOD new shiny toys - it isn't like the DOD really cares that they waste millions every day to develop $25 million dollar jets that can't even deploy to a war zone!. Time to fully burn Social Security. Cut out the cancer that is welfare & start demanding sweat equity of those who get governmental assistance - dig a ditch, clean a sewer, pick up garbage, harvest an orchard or a farm. Its high time the American people get something other than "its the other guy's fault" bickering for their dollars.

Now is the time to see if the US tax payer has enough intestinal fortitude to do what needs to be done, or if they're a bunch of squeamish sheep to the slaughter. I know where my money is - same place it was 15 years ago during the LAST shutdown & I can say the American people have no more sense or brains now than they did then. Its all "gimme, gimme, gimme" but don't expect anyone to shoulder the burden.

We can either see this as a turning point in the decline of our country & start back up the hard road to the top, or we can just keep our hands waved above the cart as we plummet to the bottom & crash.

05 April 2011

Loves the look when we order 5 sweet teas & quick, easy meals out. It seems to make servers happy to have an easy group. Remember to be nice to your server!

04 April 2011

Might as well be at the spa with the wind blown sand treatment today. Gloucester beach is an awesome, quiet spot to come on a warm sunny day.

03 April 2011

I question my children's DNA. We stopped at the Gloucester Walmart & I hear ... "Another walmart?"
Got a new van. 95 Previa. It can book! Now to drive it home and get it tagged & titled.
My kingdom for a bag of Dove chocolate eggs!
Pagan Military Wives
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