16 February 2009

Somewhat getting ready

I haven't done much for our PCS. Can't really until the med clearances go through and that requires contacting people on base who are off today. However, I have begun packing the kiddos' carry-on with all their workbooks (I am a hard task master), coloring pads, and a change of undies. I won't pack snacks until the end, same with the MP3 players. They aren't generally permitted to take their electronic gismoes but I think their little GameBoys will go in at the end as well.

As more than one flight crew has commented - my children are well behaved, quiet, and tidy. They have a healthy fear of mommy and daddy and know what we won't tolerate on an 8+ hour flight to anywhere. I also firmly believe children will be children and need something to entertain them on those flights. I find education to be both entertaining and knowledge building (haha, can you tell I'm from teachers?) hence the workbooks. The fun should be silent as well, hence the color pads and crayons/markers/pens/pencils and then electronic junk. I'm not best pleased with the electronic junk, but the games they have are at least not stupidity for stupidity's sake such as Sponge Bob.

I've also gone through all my clothes, and the youngest one's. Everything that's too small, old, or what not has been parsed out. Now, back to typing cookbook recipes. Happy President's Day!

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