20 February 2009

Meeting Death

Jade Goody, not known to be the most intelligent, well read, or well bred Brit is dying of cervical cancer. While I've never been a fan of Ms. Goody's, she is meeting her fate with bravery and determination. More than that, she's meeting it with love. A love for her minor children she will leave behind much too soon (she's only 27). She's currently selling photos of herself and her treatment, and her upcoming nuptials, to help set up a fund to care for her children. As crass as she has been, that is an act of sheer love and devotion. I hope her end is peaceful, and her children go on with the knowledge their mother loved them very, very deeply.

1 comment:

  1. Bless you sweet thing I wish i could hold you in your brokenness, or be a Ferris wheel that you and your loved ones would ride with comfort and excitement of a beautiful October evening ...You will see soon the love that created you please love..



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