27 February 2009


I really don't like getting up at 430 to take my husband to work. Oh, did I mention I have to take the kids with me as I can't leave them home alone? Why at 430? They changed the time he needed to be in and notified him just over 8 hours before he had to go to work.

The beater finally beat it. We're working on getting another, but we're down to one vehicle. The truck.

Did I mention the O2 sensor is f*cked? That the moron that programed the computer chip (which is a whole different rant) has it set to make the O2 sensor drop MORE gas as it's "running lean" according to the error code when it obviously is NOT?!? We're getting less than 5 miles to a gallon! Yeah, when we used to get 380+ to the tank, we're getting 140 at best and that the horrible 140 is an improvement over 100 to the tank? How do I know this? The truck is out of gas on the side of the road. It ate 1/8 of a tank to go less than 5 miles! It's a 22 gallon tank. That works out to an insanely stupid waste of rationed gas.

Did I mention that it was about 530am when it died? No, I didn't? Well now you know.

How about that we need new spark plugs and O2 sensor and that the base Auto Hobby shop doesn't carry those items? That Italians don't have any form of Auto Zone or Pep Boys or auto supply or repair store other than the local Agip? That Italians don't seem capable of pumping their own gas, let alone replacing regular maintenance items? That at best you can buy spare headlight bulbs at the 'auto' store?

Auto Zone decided to ship the parts a week AFTER we ordered them, though they had them "in stock" at the time? That the Chrysler dealer has NO IDEA what a Dodge is, how to fix it, or get a manual? Yeah, I can't take it for work at the shop here because they don't know how to fix a truck. Way to go there Chrysler! Don't train your mechanics, but if you get a call from an American overseas swear that "all Chrysler dealers are trained and equipped to help you". What a load of bullshit!

Oh, did I say that it broke down after I dropped hubby at work and that the girls and I weren't home yet? Thankfully one of the other NCOs was headed to PT and went out of his way to get us home. That it died in a traffic circle, and that at least 15 Americans drove right on by? I'd say something about the Italians but they're generally really rude up here.

Now I'm now stuck with a deadline to be at school, no gas in the lawnmower's can, NO GAS STATIONS OPEN until AFTER 9! (24 hours? WTF is that?!? Convenience? Doesn't exist in this country!), and hoofing it a couple miles to the nearest station, filling 2 can with insane gas prices, and then a couple more miles of carrying full gas cans to the truck? Oh yea, any wonder why I HATE Italy??!?!?!?! Why you can't get me on the plane fast enough? Why I will be doing a happy dance as soon as the dust from this crap hole is off my shoes?

So I spent the last 3 hours out of my bed, an hour of it in a truck that was freezing because there was no gas to heat it with (or drive home with), and I had 3 children with me (1 insisting on being a brat). Any wonder why I'm not in a fabulous mood?!? Anyone want to guess why we don't just "tough it out and use one car until you PCS?" Anyone?

24 February 2009

To the People of Texas & All Americans in the World:

Fellow citizens & compatriots—I am besieged, by a thousand or more of the Mexicans under Santa Anna—I have sustained a continual Bombardment & cannonade for 24 hours & have not lost a man. The enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion, otherwise, the garrison are to be put to the sword, if the fort is taken—I have answered the demand with a cannon shot, & our flag still waves proudly from the walls. I shall never surrender or retreat. Then, I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism & everything dear to the American character, to come to our aid, with all dispatch—The enemy is receiving reinforcements daily & will no doubt increase to three or four thousand in four or five days. If this call is neglected, I am determined to sustain myself as long as possible & die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor & that of his country—Victory or Death.

William Barret Travis

Lt. Col. comdt

P.S. The Lord is on our side—When the enemy appeared in sight we had not three bushels of corn—We have since found in deserted houses 80 or 90 bushels & got into the walls 20 or 30 head of Beeves.


23 February 2009

Thus they laid seige

Today William Barrett Travis was forced into the Alamo by the arrival of Santa Anna's army. The blood red flag of "no quarter" was raised, San Antonio de Behar had fallen to the dictator's hand, and the siege began.

As sacred a day as this is in the history of Texas, Travis made a very foolhardy decision to hold on to the Alamo, in direct violation of his commanding officer (Sam Houston). Doing so cost the lives of good men, but in turn gave the Republic precious time to mount an army, not just a bunch of volunteers scattered throughout the area. On the one hand it was ignorant and suicidal, on the other is was a desperately needed delaying tactic. History will long fight over if it was a good or bad thing but without it, the Republic would not have had so strong a rallying cry. It turned into a political disaster for Santa Anna with the cruel death of well known American figures, men who's death in war would strengthen American resolve to have Texas in the union, and outside of Mexican control.


Today is Terminalia, the festival to the god Terminus, though he has never had a form beyond the boundary rock, and he has no personification or myth associated with him. He is one of the more pure forms of Roman deity in that he was never made to change into the Greek forms with a myth, history, and rules attached.

Today, owners of adjacent property would crown his statue, a stone or post in the ground to mark the boundary line, with garlands and erect a temporary alter on which they would offer honey, wine, sacrificial lamb, or other deserving items to his pleasure. They would sing his praises as well. There was also a public celebration which took place around the sixth milestone marker on the road to Laurentum. It is assumed this is because the sixth milestone marker was the original boundary of Roman territory.

So today is a day of celebration of markers, boundaries and neighbors. It is when you rejoice in having good clear ends to things. This was also the end of the year in the Republican calendar.

20 February 2009

Meeting Death

Jade Goody, not known to be the most intelligent, well read, or well bred Brit is dying of cervical cancer. While I've never been a fan of Ms. Goody's, she is meeting her fate with bravery and determination. More than that, she's meeting it with love. A love for her minor children she will leave behind much too soon (she's only 27). She's currently selling photos of herself and her treatment, and her upcoming nuptials, to help set up a fund to care for her children. As crass as she has been, that is an act of sheer love and devotion. I hope her end is peaceful, and her children go on with the knowledge their mother loved them very, very deeply.

19 February 2009

No, Stupid, I won't

Pay your balloon mortgage! Just because you're an idiot and opted to get one does NOT mean I feel the need to take it over and "rent to own" your home! By rent, I mean "RENT", not purchase. I have no desire to settle in Virginia, nor will I buy my first home there.

Also, WTF is with the 5' between you and your neighbor's house? If I wanted them that closed I'd live with them! I don't want them that close (or living with me) so no, I do not want to live in a suburb. I don't dig people telling me my lawn is 1/4" too long, that my hedges aren't perfectly level (yes, they've actually done it), or that my dog is too big for my yard. Unless you can guarantee that the neighbors will keep their dirty little noses in their own stinky little messes, I don't want neighbors! I generally used to go out of my way to be nice to the neighbors. Aviano has sucked that right the fuck outta me! I don't want anything to do with ANY of my neighbors here. They could be sociopaths, lawyers, or even saints and I still want NOTHING to do with them. Why on god's green earth am I going to want to live within spitting distance of the next house?

Oh, there's a new recipe up on the recipe blog. It isn't even a re-post from previously, it's a brand new one. Don't you all feel special? I really hope a recipe on my blog is not what makes you feel special.

Oh, and the family blog has been updated as well. See? I'm trying on the Tacita front! Today is a holy day to Dea Tacita (the goddess of Silence, and hence the dead). It is also about mid-way through the Parentalia festival dedicated to the souls of departed parents.

16 February 2009

Somewhat getting ready

I haven't done much for our PCS. Can't really until the med clearances go through and that requires contacting people on base who are off today. However, I have begun packing the kiddos' carry-on with all their workbooks (I am a hard task master), coloring pads, and a change of undies. I won't pack snacks until the end, same with the MP3 players. They aren't generally permitted to take their electronic gismoes but I think their little GameBoys will go in at the end as well.

As more than one flight crew has commented - my children are well behaved, quiet, and tidy. They have a healthy fear of mommy and daddy and know what we won't tolerate on an 8+ hour flight to anywhere. I also firmly believe children will be children and need something to entertain them on those flights. I find education to be both entertaining and knowledge building (haha, can you tell I'm from teachers?) hence the workbooks. The fun should be silent as well, hence the color pads and crayons/markers/pens/pencils and then electronic junk. I'm not best pleased with the electronic junk, but the games they have are at least not stupidity for stupidity's sake such as Sponge Bob.

I've also gone through all my clothes, and the youngest one's. Everything that's too small, old, or what not has been parsed out. Now, back to typing cookbook recipes. Happy President's Day!

14 February 2009

12 February 2009

My first born for a house?

You have got to be shitting me! The price of real estate in Virginia, just for rentals, is astronomical! Someone needs to let them know that it's a buyer's market and the bottom fell out of the housing market. They haven't got the message yet.

10 February 2009

We're on the way

We've gotten a rip, waiting on hard copy, but we will be headed to Langley AFB, Virginia in about 4 months. As much planning as I need to do, and the stress that will go with it, I'm just happy right now to know where we're headed.

08 February 2009

I support Joe

This is taken from my Facebook account, and I thought it needed wider sharing.

This group is to support Royal Marine Joe Townsend with the ongoing process of him getting a special adapted bungalow out with his family in Pevensey.

After losing both legs to an anti-tank mine while serving with the 40 Commando based at Helmand Province in Afghanistan, Joe is trying to rebuild his life.

Joe is a strong and determined person who is proud to be in the Marines. He deserved to be a Marine and would always give 110% in anything he did. Despite losing both legs, Joe still remains upbeat and optimistic.

To help Joe become more independent and closer to his family, his grandad decided to build a specially adapted bungalow on his own land to help Joe.The plans for his bungalow, which would have had a treatment room, a bedroom for a carer and an en- suite bathroom, were drawn up for free by an architect who wanted to thank Joe for his sacrifice.

But the council disagreed. A spokesman for Wealden Council said: “The circumstances in this case are not considered sufficient to warrant an exception to the usual restraint policies.” She also said Joe’s bungalow would be "intrusive" and breach planning laws even though no neighbours objected.

With many people already supporting Joe, this group is to get more people on board with the idea and help Joe get the bungalow he deserves.

Video from Meridian local news on Joe's bungalow, thanks to Sandy for this -


Joe's story from Marine cadets to Royal Marine -


Noel's HQ video -


Please visit http://www.helpforheroes.org.uk/ to help support our wounded servicemen and women injured in the current conflicts.

If you'd like to support Joe's cause, and hopefully teach a council not to mistreat the war wounded, feel free to contact the council at:

IF you are a UK citizen, you may sign the petition

If you are a UK citizen, or not, please take a moment to contact the Wealden District Council at:

Wealden District Council
Pine Grove
East Sussex



06 February 2009

My Dr Who fix

The Crafty Tardis over on Live Journal. I'm such a Who lover!

05 February 2009

Hubby makes rank

Or, more aptly, puts it on.

I'm so lame. They had to walk me through just wtf I was supposed to do. I've been married to him through 4 ranks now, and this is the first time I've ever seen it pinned on.

I was given a free punch, and look at me! Chief leans into it, and I just tap him.


21:11 for my 3 mile run today. I'm within 20 seconds of my first goal!

04 February 2009

Well on the way

I started running 3 miles a day, 6 days a week on 29 Dec. I went from just under 32 minutes for 3 miles, to under 23 minutes today. 22:12 to be exact, but it rounds to 22:20 Yay me!

According to the PFT chart I use, I've raised my score from 34 points to 92 points, in just over a month. I'm shooting to have my run time to 21 minutes or under, then add in the flexed-arm hang and crunches. I crunch every day, but haven't really focused on improving it as much as I have the running.

I'm quite proud of myself. I also noticed that I've lost about 5lbs (eh), but my pants are loser, my legs are looking better, and I've dropped almost 6 inches off my waist, and 4 off my hips. Yay me!

Oh, and I'm an endorphin junkie. I genuinely miss running on days I don't go to the gym. That, or I miss USMC DIs screaming in my ears from my mp3 player.

03 February 2009

Invasion of the body snatchers!

BEWARE! There is a girl on the loose. She's invaded my home. She looks like me, dresses like me, even cusses like me but - here's the big sign you've found her - she's a GIRL!

She's taken to buying nail polish. In so many colors it's scary!

Then she gets it into her head to paint my nails! WTF, over?!?

Be on the lookout for this body snatching impostor! She may be lurking outside your house too!

She lives

to cook again! My recipe blog is back. There's nothing there at the moment, but it has returned.

Yes Daddy, tell grandma and grandpa the family blog is back. There's even some new photos on it. Oh, and don't tell them where this blog is. No need to test the black sheep theory on my account.

02 February 2009


If the colors are bad, the text sizing a problem, et cetera let me know.

01 February 2009

The Adipose have come to get me!

Introducing some of our Dr Who birthday party goodie bag stuffers.

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