18 September 2009

Introducing ...


He's a "schnack" we adopted. Part Schnauzer, part Jack Russell terrier. He's not jumpy, he's not barky. He got the best of both worlds. He has not an Alpha bone in his little body - if you try to play tug-of-war with his tug toy, he gives it to you and lays down. He's a good dog though, and we look forward to a very long life with the family.

Nicole doesn't quite know what to do ...

11 September 2009

Today we remember.

Today saw man's extreme inhumanity to man, his desires of death and carnage for nothing other than evil sport for evil minds.

Today we remember.

Today saw death cross the land like a bird upon the wind, blown by evil winds, and swallow men up by the thousands belching fire and reining debris as it slaked its thirst for blood.

Today we remember.

Today we watched as our extended family suffered a loss none could comprehend, none could imagine.

Today we remember.

Today, we sat horrified at the view of our compatriots as they fell to their deaths, at the hands of brutal men who would make themselves our masters through fear and terror and blood.

Today we remember.

Today, oh but today, we saw the kindness and love and honor and compassion of those wounded, bloodied, and broken to care for their fellows who had received such grievous wounds at the hands of brutal thugs too terrified to fight on level ground.

Today we remember.

Today my people bled, today my people mourn, today my people are roused to righteous anger for the horrors given to innocent souls.

Today, we remember.

Today we steel ourselves to carry the burden that no man can share with us, no man understand.

Today we remember.

Today we awaken a stronger nation, we rise as the phoenix from the ashes of our wounds.

Today we remember.

I'm alive....

I haven't succumb to lack of oxygen on top of the mountain of boxes still in the house. I haven't been eaten alive by the mosquitoes (though they give it a good try each night). I haven't had to call in Noah when the tide comes in either. Just been busy living life.

The kids have started school, I've been painting furniture (which I'm still not done with), and we've been getting settled in.

We're looking to find a new dog. We put our beloved Buddy to sleep in July. His body was too old and tired to keep up with his spirit so we made the tough choice and let him go peacefully instead of in pain. We're not quite ready to adopt again just yet, but we'll be going to the Petsmart adoption fair this weekend in Newport News & Virginia Beach & Norfolk (maybe Portsmouth as well). We've been to a couple shelters already and its heartbreaking to leave all those wonderful animals in cages because we know they just aren't the right fit for us (or us for them). If you need a new pet - PLEASE ADOPT!! Those shelter animals have had some horrible things happen to them in their lives, and every one of them deserves to go to a loving home. Please, please, I beg you spay & neuter your pets and ADOPT ones, don't go to breeders if at all possible.

To all you military personnel out there that pull that damn "we're moving and can't take" excuse to abandon their animals... SHAME ON YOU!! You're not worth the love and affection of the animals you abandon! A pet is FOR LIFE! A pet is FAMILY! You don't leave your kid when you PCS, you don't leave your PET! Lazy bastards! Plan to take the whole family, or don't subject the poor animal to being abandoned in the first place. There are times I'm deeply ashamed of the military and its members.

Short of that, all goes well at our end. Hopefully it goes the same for my readers.
Pagan Military Wives
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