31 July 2009


If race relations have come along so far, why do people keep harping on what race the President is? If its so very unimportant, shouldn't he fail or succeed on who he is, what decisions he makes, instead of playing the race card constantly??

29 July 2009

Hot Damn!

We got a race for Governor!

Cream that sorry sack of bulldung Perry! Give us a good show, and a great governor! Kay Bailey Hutchison!

21 July 2009

I ain't dead yet!

Still waiting on Unaccompanied Baggage, Household Goods, and all the fun things that moving brings. Can't set up the house without the furniture, so we're living like vagabonds at the moment. Oh well, there are worse fates in life.

Almost done enrolling the heathens in school. They'll need physicals which won't be for another week then we're done. Got most of their school supplies so far as well.

Things are moving along nicely. Hope all is well in blogger land (Boyd! Update your blog! Puleeze?)

02 July 2009

We have somewhere to live!

A fabulous somewhere, and we're leasing from a US Army Col. so we're good in the military lifestyle.

We've signed a lease, in the town I wanted so the girls will go to some of the best schools in Virginia.

I've finished transferring the utilities, so now we need to get a washer/dryer and fridge and we're good to go. I'll upload pics as soon as possible.

I can't express the sheer joy of having somewhere other than a hotel to live.
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