24 August 2009

USO Rocks!

We were treated to a free concert, care of the USO, at NAB Little Creek Friday evening. While the traffic to get there was INSANE, the concert was worth it.

Not the greatest photos I know, but I was just stoked to get to see Gretchen Wilson in concert. SUPPORT THE USO if you can! We support them on a regular basis, and they've always been there when we need them. They support the troops, and the troops definitely support them.

I also strongly suggest you support those who support the troops - be they entertainers like Ms. Wilson (yea, great concert!) or corporate sponsors like Coca-Cola & others who help the USO complete its mission.

14 August 2009

Coming up for air

So the Household Goods are here. My house looks like a war-torn corner of Baghdad, or a cheap flea market with all the boxes and un-assigned stuff lying around.

3 beds are built (2 all by myself! - yes, I'm proud of that). The middle heathen wants her's painted black and grey so I can't put it together until after it stops raining, I get it sanded and painted, then dried. Have I mentioned it seems like monsoon season here in Virginia?

We've got family inbound on Saturday. At least the living/dining/kitchen/office areas are ready for visitors/habitation. The girls rooms not so much...Our room, not at all. Our bed is together but that's about it bud.

We own too much crap! I'm throwing away boxes worth after going through them on un-pack. But, its moving along at a slow pace, but moving none the less.

Hope all have a good weekend! I'll be 31 on Sunday and all I want is a hand-dipped DQ cone. :)

06 August 2009

Boxes, boxes, and more boxes

My whole world isn't made up of boxes, but I'll be danged if it doesn't seem that way sometimes. Unaccompanied Baggage came in yesterday. Household Goods today and tomorrow. I have the plan of this time next week the house being put away properly even if I have to be a mean task master where the hubby and kids are concerned.

I did pull a bonehead and forget to get the guys some bottled water. I've got sodas, ice, tea, and cups but I forgot the water. I'll pick some up today so they can have it later. We'll buy lunch for them tomorrow and I'll pick up some donuts or something as well.
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