04 October 2012

I Ain't Dead - YET

Well I'm not dead. Life just gets in the way sometimes. Some things I've learned since my last post: POLITICS MOST of the American Electorate is of questionable intelligence, and reading comprehension skill. MOST Americans believe the OTHER GUY lies, but not THEIR political pony. THEY ALL LIE. I miss being in Europe where I never had to watch a damn election campaign 'message'. Nov, & then Jan, can not come soon enough. EDUCATION Apparently I have a much larger vocabulary than a lot of my fellow Americans. It spans all states, overseas locations, and life styles. Coming from teachers I've never considered myself that verbose. I am very glad we live in the school district we do. However I'm deeply depressed by the surrounding school districts and their apparently complete lack of teaching any form of education. Virginians do NOT do Homecoming Mums! I'm still in complete shock over that one. It has been long enough since I went through school that I STILL hate Algebra! No matter which of my children is attempting to do it. CHILD REARING My oldest child is convinced I'm a moron. My middle child is a pain in the butt, however she's a fantastic kid when she wants to be. My youngest child has turned into a holy whiny terror! PETS Adopted 4 new ones. Two dogs, two cats. So now we're up to 5 humans, 4 cats, 3 dogs, 2 fish. I live in a freakin' menagerie!! Not the crappy Tennessee Williams kind either. I'm still working on the chicken / duck coop.
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