23 June 2011

Wounded in our service? WE DON'T CARE - so says Knob Hill in GA

Imagine a country in which you serve your nation, you get wounded, you come home & you're denied the right to a home. That nation is AMERICA, that time is now, that location is Knob Hill in GA.

Sgt First Class Sean Gittens served his nation with honor. He was wounded, left paralyzed and unable to speak. Homes for Our Troops purchased land to build him an adaptive home, one that helps meet his needs for the rest of his life.

Along comes the Knob Hill Property Owner's Association. After Homes for Our Troops working closely with them for months, being given permission to build, and preparing the site they Property Owners threw a fit. It seems that a home for a wounded warrior is NOT IN KEEPING with the appearances of their suburb. They pressured the suburb directors, so they've rescinded the building permit!

Clearly the whiny bellyachers in Georgia disdain their military. You're okay to send to die, but don't you come back & expect to live near us! The entire community, their city, their region, their state & nation are all tarred with the filth that they are. A bunch of overpaid whiners who don't know the meaning of sacrifice in the name of others has decided that a wounded man does NOT need to live near them - I guess they think he's contagious (we can only HOPE some of their spawn would serve their nation).

If you've got a problem with it, email President of the Board of Directors, Rick Trump, at Rick.Trump@Comcast.net. (I don't even care if the spambots get hold of his address, I hope they do.)
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