20 July 2011

Its hot?

No shit Sherlock!

It seems the center of the US is in the grips of a heat wave & we should all feel terribly for them!

I don't. I've heard people from those states laugh it up at Texas' expense (& NM, AZ, CA, & even UT) because of the heat we have every summer.

In TX we don't drop like flies in 115-120 degree heat. We're smart enough to GO INSIDE in the heat of the day! Apparently this very basic understanding escapes a LOT of Americans - Heat = go where it's cool!!

I don't hope anyone dies, but I sure as hell hope it wakes some buttheads up to the fact they've been having some serious Schadenfreude at the "south west's" expense for decades. Time to pay the Piper folks. Just remember to do it from INSIDE the house with the windows open & fans on, if you don't have A/C.
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