23 November 2009


New recipes (yesh, plural) on my Recipe Blog. Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

Oh, yesh, there's some slated for posting each day this week until Thanksgiving as a means to use those turkey left-overs.

13 November 2009

Nov 2009 Flood

We're fine. We've gotten past the worst of it. We had power & water the whole time, but we're flooded in. The house is dry and has been that way the whole time. The garage is a different story.

As the flood started, generally what happens when it rains here. Nothing big but we were already prepping.

The first high tide - 11/12 Nov

That gray shape in the upper-left corner is the garden shed. It sits outside the garage, by the side of the driveway. It will make another appearance soon.

The back yard

The garage
That big gray thing is the garden shed. It was trying to float away with everything in it (minus the mower & weedeater we'd already taken out to keep dry). We floated it into the garage instead. That was interesting to say the least.

The BIG high tide - 12Nov
Inside the garage again. Contrast with above to see the water difference in level & filthiness. Yeck!

The steps down from the house into the garage. Poquoson was severely damaged by Isabel when she tore through a few years ago so every building in town was raised off the foundation. We're a good 4 feet from the water to the actual hose so we were quite dry.

The cinder block line is the height of the water when Isabel came through, & the height the house was raised because of it. We were 1 full block short of that line, a good 9" or so.

The garage door half under water. Just means 1/2 is above water! It could be worse!
That black to white line is actually where the house proper is. Everything black is the cinder blocks. Everything white is the actual floor level for the house. Well above the water line.

The front steps - 4 of them lost to the water

Off the front porch into what was the yard but is now a small pond

13 Nov
Outside in the backyard

I did notice the squirrels (and maybe some birds) have found that there is still food in their feeder. At least that means some of them made it through as over the fence is a garden of creatures. Glad to know some of them will be back again when it dries out a little.

Down the back steps - at least now you can see the ground!

Out the front side of the house
Where the garden shed belongs, but not where it is!

We now know where in the garage we can start installing more (& bigger) shelves & hooks to put things on. The high water mark if you will. All the stuff that moved is in the sun room/dining room. We'll get a high pressure washer & scrub down the walls & floor & outside of the house before moving anything back in. I see this as a blessing of sorts. We stayed dry & we now know we planned well & can build on that planning for the future.

11 November 2009

Happy Veteran's Day

Thanks to all my readers who have served, or are serving. You deserve more than 1 day a year to hear THANK YOU!

10 November 2009

Happy Birthday

234 years young, and still the pride of the American people & the scourge of those who seek her destruction. Happy Birthday Marines! OORAH!

06 November 2009

Sad Day

Ft. Hood, largest military base on the planet, was attacked by one of its own. Ft Hood, shocked & in mourning & looking for answers to a horrible massacre at the hands of a mass murderer.

For my non-Texans, Ft Hood is the big ol red dot between San Antonio & Dallas. I find it only a little odd that Austin isn't found on that map. Killeen is also not on the map & it sits right outside Ft. Hood.

Yesterday was a terrible day, but I hope today begins the upward climb to recovery for those injured, healing for those mourning, & punishment for those guilty of such deprived acts of cold-blooded murder on unarmed men & women preparing to deploy in the service of their nation.

These will be challenging times ahead for III Corps & all her units (including) First Army Division West, 1st Cavalry Division, 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment, 41st Fires Brigade, 13th Sustainment Command, 504th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade, & the 89th Military Police Brigade.

Soldiers Angels have set up a collection drive for those wounded & the children of those present.
RIGHT NOW: Collecting encouraging notes and NEW stuffed animals for the families and children of the injured or killed. Please send cards/letters and stuffed animals (and anything NEW that may brighten the life of a child) to:
Soldiers' Angels
4408 PanAm Expressway
San Antonio, TX 78218

If you can give your life blood for those men & women who give you theirs, please DONATE! The local hospitals have an urgent need for more blood. Even hospitals as far afield as Ft. Worth have sent blood & must replenish their stocks so if you can, give blood today.

Don't forget to fly her at Half Staff until Sunday, by order of the Governor & common sense & decency.
Pagan Military Wives
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