08 November 2012

Kitchen Nightmares - Season 3

I've been away awhile, sorry.  However I do still dig Gordon Ramsay's "Kitchen Nightmares" on BBC American (not sure where else it airs).

We're now at season 3, aired in 2010.  Let's hope the restaurants fared better than Season 2!

S3 - ep1.  Hot Potato Cafe in Philadelphia, PA.  CLOSED.  This potato has been MASHED.  *From the gossip out there the owners took the chef for granted.  Seems the chef may have moved on to better work.

S3 - ep2.  Flamangos in Whitehouse Station, NJ.  CLOSED.  *Dead in the water shortly after Ramsay left.  HOWEVER, a year AFTER closing it was reopened under the name "The Rail At Readington" & seems to be doing good business.  I label this one a FAILURE on the part of the previous owners, though there is a thriving restaurant on the premises now.

S3 - ep3.  Bazzini in Ridgewood, NJ. CLOSED.

S3 - ep4. Mojito Cuban Cuisine in Brooklyn, NY.  OPEN FOR BUSINESS. *Those who have visited BECAUSE of Kitchen Nightmares don't seem too impressed, but they ARE surviving in a really bad economy so they must be doing something right.

S3 - ep5.  Lido di Manhattan in Manhattan Beach, CA.  OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

S3 - ep6. Le Bistro in Lighthouse Point, FL.  OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

S3 - ep7. Casa Roma in Lancaster, CA. OPEN FOR BUSINESS.  *From the reviews listed it is better known as the AV Roadhouse, a BAR not a restaurant.  The restaurant is still there, but seems to have dropped all of food Ramsay created for it, going back to mediocre (at best) Italian.  - This restaurant was FILMED for S2 but not aired until S3.

S3 - ep8. Mama Rita's in  Newbury Park, CA.  CLOSED.  *There is a new restaurant, that seems to be doing well, at the location.  It is named La Cucina Di Venti.

S3 - ep9.  Anna Vicenzo's in Boca Raton, FL. CLOSED. *The last review was in 2010, so basically it didn't manage to live out the year that its episode aired.

S3- ep10. Fleming in Miami, FL. OPEN - sort of.  *The restaurant is still open, on the same premises however they've totally dumped the menu Ramsay worked with, turning from European food to a steakhouse.  DRAW is how I'd call it.

S3 - ep11. Sushi-Ko in Thousand Oaks, CA.  CLOSED.   *Apparently was gone in 2009 so didn't survive the turn around it seems.

There were also 2 "revisit" episodes.  In total we've got 6 CLOSED restaurants, 3 are OPEN, 1 is Open but totally redone so a DRAW imo.  Next up, Season 4!

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