08 November 2012


Enough I say!  Enough, enough, ENOUGH!!

Stop blaming 3rd party voters for Romney's defeat.  Romney SUCKED as a candidate.  The GOP has no one to blame BUT themselves for picking him as their candidate - 3rd party voters can't even vote in most state primaries!

STOP with the damn secession talk!  Texas can NOT survive without the US.  This is NOT Sam Houston's day.  We do NOT have the means to support ourselves as a nation, nor would the US let us go our own little way with no fight - that we CAN'T win!

STOP with the "I'm moving to Canada".  You dumbasses!  Canada has gay marriage & socialized medicine.  You know, that shit you're throwing tantrums about.

STOP finding what divides us!  START working to unite us!  We're ALL Americans.  We're ALL in this boat together.  Trying to pigeon hole hundreds upon hundreds of millions of people into 2 extremes is the problem!  NOT that the voters are fed up with it!  Look at your neighbor, see what you have in common, how you can work together instead of trying to tear each other apart.  That crap has put us in this boat.  Decades of it, on BOTH sides.  The POTUS has been elected.  Don't act like some of Gore's supporters in 2000 - behave yourselves and SERVE your nation, not destroy it from within!

STOP with the "God, save us" bullshit!  Your right to your religion is supreme, but SO IS MINE!  Treat those as you wish to be treated, NOT like horrible lepers that are out to destroy you.  Christ did NOT say to hate your neighbors, to destroy them, to degrade them, to lie about them, to be nasty to them.  He said to LOVE them.  If you truly ARE a Christian you would do that - quite a few I know that claim Christianity do NOT follow the word of Christ, but are instead twisting it to suit their own hate filled agendas.  STOP IT!!

START acting like Americans.  We're different, through & through, but we're also stronger for it.  If your God wanted us all to be like you, he'd have made us that way.  He didn't, so why the hell do you think you should have to power to do so?  Are you so conceited in your hate, so firm in your miserly spirit that you think you are better than your own god?

START living the "Golden Rule".  EVERYONE - pagan, christian, jew, muslim, taoist, shintoist, etc, etc, etc - has that creed.  LIVE BY IT!!  Don't buy into DC's hate & propaganda, prove you're better than that.  True Americans ARE better than that.  Are you a TRUE American, or just giving lip service?

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