14 November 2012

Petreus, et al

Enough with coddling this dumb bastard because he had 4 stars.  Enough with the throwing tantrums that the self absorbed DICK is having to answer to his crimes.

The sheer number of Americans who have NO morals astounds me!  The number of people defending him from any form of punishment because of "bad judgement" is beyond me.  He KNOWS the UCMJ.  He PUNISHED those below him for far less with far worse punishments.  Why should he get a fucking pass because Obama likes him?  The UCMJ is quite clear on WHAT a crime is & WHAT the punishment is.

When the top spy in the country can't keep an affair secret, and his mistress is a total nutjob who threatens to physically harm people how can ANYONE trust that moron's judgement?

He leaves DAYS before Benghazi is investigated.  Nah, the MSM & Dems swear there's nothing fishy there!

He gets told privately by the FBI he's under investigation, and urged to resign AFTER the election.  Nah, the MSM & Dems swear there's nothing fishy there!

His mistress threatens a "family friend" who's been reported to share inappropriate emails with ANOTHER General serving in Afghanistan.  Nah, the MSM & Dems swear there's nothing fishy there!

His "family friend" is an 'honorary ambassador' & calls the FBI demanding they offer federal protection to an AMBASSADOR.  Nah, the MSM & Dems swear there's nothing fishy there!

So from this I gather the POTUS is an idiot who has toadies & flunkies incapable of even the most basic of vettings.  Congress helped cover it up because then there would be questions those stupid American voters would want answered about terror attacks, crazy bitches with access to supposedly important men, and why there's the double standard.

FRY HIS ASS!!  Hang him out to fucking dry!!  Same with his ANAL RAPING comrades, and those STEALING government funds for their Afghani mistresses & families!!  The O corps has proved that is nothing more than degenerate bastards that protect each others dirty secrets so they don't get snooped on in turn.  That's not the kind of people I want in charge of my husband, my family, a military base, or ANYone else.  The DOD & the Joint Chiefs & the Pentagon are just as filthy, dirty, and nasty as the disgusting politicians they crony with & toady for.

I will NEVER apologize for demanding that EQUAL UNDER THE LAW really mean that!  I don't find that jumped up self absorbed dick to be of any more importance than an A1C or a Corporal.

Feel free to kiss my ass on thinking an Officer should OBEY the rules they enforce.

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