12 November 2012


I am ALL OVER this tv show.  From the first 5 minutes when Rick plugs the bunny slipper little girl zombie, to Hershel's farm, to crazy ass Shane, to the most bad ass Darryl (played by Norman Reedus).  We're on season 3, and OMG!!!!!!

For those of you who don't watch, I'm so very sorry.  For those of you who do - DON'T READ unless you've seen the latest episode!!

*SPOILERS!!!!!!!!   SPOILERS!!!!!!!!  SPOILERS!!!!!!!!*

I'm not kidding people, if you keep scrolling you'll see things you don't want to!

**SPOILERS!!!!!!!**             **SPOILERS!!!!!!!!**       **SPOILERS!!!!!!!!**

Whew, now that we got that out of the way, OMG!!!

Rick has flipped his fucking lid.  He's also become the most awesome zombie cleavin' machine.

Darryl is a warm fuzzy wrapped in layers of bad ass, kick ass, and redneck.  I hope to hell he never meets Meryl again, and if he does I hope he kills his ass.

I'm glad Lori is dead.  I've hated her character since I read the comics.  The actress actually made me hate her more, which I suppose is proof of her ability to act her part well.

Carol, bitch is DEAD!  Darryl didn't put a Cherokee Rose on a grave with a "C" shape in rocks just for fun.

TDOG.  MAN!!!!  I liked him!  He was so seriously UNDERutilized by AMC.  THIS one I actually miss.  He had so much more he could give.  :(

Carl, even in a prison the punk won't stay in the damn house!

Andrea, please fucking kill her!  I hate her.  She's drunk the Governor's koolade & fucked over Michonne!  Bitch needs to die (hopefully in that fucked up version of a gladiator ring).

Michonne, I <3 a="a" actress="actress" br="br" doing="doing" fantastic="fantastic" have="have" her.="her." is="is" job="job" nbsp="nbsp" playing="playing" she="she" the="the" they="they">

Hershel, dude, you're one tough mother!  I think you could whip my ass any day of the week.

Glen.  Wow, he's actually a really well rounded, fleshed out character.  I'm glad to see it.

Maggie!  Maggie is one fantastic girl.  Everything from cuddling a newborn who's mom got plugged to prevent her turning (but who got munched anyway), to a hell of a zombie killer (with apparent GLEE), to a romantic interest.  I am really, really glad to have her on the show.  She's a good balancing element when the show dearly needs it.

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