09 November 2012

Kitchen Nightmares - Season 4

Well it's that time again!  Time to see how many restaurants Gordon Ramsay can save in the US and how many have crashed & burned (some spectacularly).  Per the Wikipedia list of the Season 4 episodes, filmed in 2011, we've got:

S4 - ep1.  Spanish Pavilion in Harrison, NJ.  OPEN FOR BUSINESS. *Woo hoo!, a good way to start off the season!

S4 - ep2.  Classic American in West Babylon, NY.  OPEN FOR BUSINESS.  *Two for two!  Don't think it will last long though, not with previous seasons.

S4 - ep3.   PJ's Steakhouse in Queens, NY.  CLOSED.  *There is currently a thriving restaurant named Manor Oktoberfest of Forest Hills, NY.  PJ's took a nose dive after Ramsay was here, changing to a bar that also went tits up.  Clearly the location isn't a problem but the previous owners were.

S4 - ep4.  Grasshopper Also in Carlstadt, NJ.  OPEN FOR BUSINESS. *This has got to be one of the weirdest named restaurants I've ever heard.  I think of chocolate mint cookies & Kung Fu, not really food.

S4 - ep5.  Davide in Boston, MA.  OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

S4 - ep6.  Downcity in Providence, RI.  CLOSED.  *The last review is from January of 2012 so they do seem to have survived for about 6 months post Ramsay.  Won't label it a draw though as it didn't last very long after it was filmed.

S4 - ep7. Cafe Tavolini in Bridgeport, CT.  CLOSED.  *There is currently another restaurant at the same location, named "Black Rock Yacht and Athletic Club"

S4 - ep8. Kingston Cafe in Pasadena, CA.  OPEN FOR BUSINESS.  *It was reviewed just a few weeks ago so seems to still be going strong, and it continues to get high marks for the food.

S4 - ep9. La Frite in Sherman Oaks, CA. OPEN FOR BUSINESS. *Apparently doing well enough that there are 2 locations listed on their website.

S4 - ep10. Capri in Eagle Rock, CA.  OPEN FOR BUSINESS.  *Last review was a few days ago so still going quite well.

S4 - ep11. Zeke's in Metairie, LA.  CLOSED.  *Listed as looking for a new owner as of last month.

S4 - ep12. Oceana Grill in New Orleans, LA. OPEN FOR BUSINESS.  *The reviews are ALL OVER THE BOARD on this place with no rhyme or reason I could find so I suppose being open is worth something but if you're ticking off customers this bad, it is only a matter of time ...

Well, that gives us a total of 8 restaurants STILL OPEN which is a great improvement over the last few seasons.  That said, 4 are closed (2 of them with new restaurants in the same place).  So OPEN is the winner for this season, as of now.


  1. It's a reflection on my awful memory that, although I've watched every episode of this show, I can never remember any of the restaurant names, or otherwise bring to mind anything about them.

    Old age sucks. :p

  2. I couldn't tell you most of the restaurants' names. I remember the train wreck of owners. ;) This show, and "Deadly Women" on ID are my guilty pleasures.

    So how are y'all doing down in Austin?

  3. Life is grand. Although I've never lived in this town before (and only visited it a couple of times), it's certainly home like I never had in Virginia or anywhere else.

    Hope y'all are doing well. Those girls must be all growed up by now.

  4. Not quite yet, no. Still about a decade to go. ;)

    Austin was way too full of drunk college kids for me, and I was 18 at the time. :) Glad to hear y'all are doing good though.

  5. it looks like I don't know how to post a Reply over here... well ok, one more time: Hello, it looks like you're a fan of Kitchen Nightmares. So am I, but of a UK-version, which is something completelly different as the US-version, at least season 1,2 and 3. Season 4 and 5 are already a bit soapy. I found all 5 seasons, full episodes, on this site, and they seem to be legal uploads:


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