15 March 2012

Kitchen Nightmares - Season 2

Well, I've looked up the season 2 restaurants for Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares as listed on Wikipedia. The results are in, and they aren't that pretty....

S2-Ep1 Handlebar in Mount Sinai, NY - CLOSED *Out of business, renamed "The Skybox" which is also out of business.

S2-Ep2 Giuseppi's Trattoria in Macomb Township, MI - CLOSED.

S2-Ep3 Trobiano's Ristorante in Great Neck, NY - CLOSED *Apparently seized by the authorities for failure to pay taxes.*

S2-Ep4 Black Pearl in New York City, NY - CLOSED *A complete and epic failure from the management team. The only one who tried got screwed over by fatso David the bully who threatened to use a gun. Really can't say I feel sorry for this one. Especially given the vitriol that bluddo is still trying to force down the gullet of the eating public.*

S2-Ep5 J Willy's in South Bend, IN - CLOSED *This one lasted a good 3 years from its show on Kitchen Nightmares so while closed, it had a decent run afterward.

S2-Ep6 Hannah & Masons's Deli in Cranbury, NJ - CLOSED

S2-Ep7 Jack's Waterfront Restaurant in Saint Clair, MI - CLOSED

S2-Ep8 Sabatiello's Italian Grille Restaurant in Stamford, CT - CLOSED *It seems this one closed, almost immediately after the KN episode aired, however it seems that a new(ish) Sabatiello's Pizzaria opened elsewhere owned by the same man. I guess we can call this one a DRAW!

S2-Ep9 Fiesta Sunrise in West Nyack, NY - CLOSED *This one was seized for failure to pay taxes as well.*

S2-Ep10 Sante La Brea in Midwest City, Los Angeles, CA - CLOSED *As of June 2011 the restaurant closed down. It survived 3 years post KN so it had a good run none the less.

S2-Ep11 Cafe 36 in La Grange, IL - CLOSED

Um, YOWZA!!! Not a single restaurant from season 2 remains open. That's 11 CLOSED down, though 2 (Sante La Brea & J Willy's) did put up a fight. We also Have Sabatiello's is a draw (at best). Season 2 you were a cruel, cruel mistress!

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