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08 November 2012


Enough I say!  Enough, enough, ENOUGH!!

Stop blaming 3rd party voters for Romney's defeat.  Romney SUCKED as a candidate.  The GOP has no one to blame BUT themselves for picking him as their candidate - 3rd party voters can't even vote in most state primaries!

STOP with the damn secession talk!  Texas can NOT survive without the US.  This is NOT Sam Houston's day.  We do NOT have the means to support ourselves as a nation, nor would the US let us go our own little way with no fight - that we CAN'T win!

STOP with the "I'm moving to Canada".  You dumbasses!  Canada has gay marriage & socialized medicine.  You know, that shit you're throwing tantrums about.

STOP finding what divides us!  START working to unite us!  We're ALL Americans.  We're ALL in this boat together.  Trying to pigeon hole hundreds upon hundreds of millions of people into 2 extremes is the problem!  NOT that the voters are fed up with it!  Look at your neighbor, see what you have in common, how you can work together instead of trying to tear each other apart.  That crap has put us in this boat.  Decades of it, on BOTH sides.  The POTUS has been elected.  Don't act like some of Gore's supporters in 2000 - behave yourselves and SERVE your nation, not destroy it from within!

STOP with the "God, save us" bullshit!  Your right to your religion is supreme, but SO IS MINE!  Treat those as you wish to be treated, NOT like horrible lepers that are out to destroy you.  Christ did NOT say to hate your neighbors, to destroy them, to degrade them, to lie about them, to be nasty to them.  He said to LOVE them.  If you truly ARE a Christian you would do that - quite a few I know that claim Christianity do NOT follow the word of Christ, but are instead twisting it to suit their own hate filled agendas.  STOP IT!!

START acting like Americans.  We're different, through & through, but we're also stronger for it.  If your God wanted us all to be like you, he'd have made us that way.  He didn't, so why the hell do you think you should have to power to do so?  Are you so conceited in your hate, so firm in your miserly spirit that you think you are better than your own god?

START living the "Golden Rule".  EVERYONE - pagan, christian, jew, muslim, taoist, shintoist, etc, etc, etc - has that creed.  LIVE BY IT!!  Don't buy into DC's hate & propaganda, prove you're better than that.  True Americans ARE better than that.  Are you a TRUE American, or just giving lip service?

19 January 2012


Well we blacked out the web yesterday, which caused quite a few elected officials some serious discomfort. SOPA & PIPA were battered and bruised at midnight, but they're not dead (yet). We must keep the heat on DC, the Senate plans to vote on PIPA on the 24th of January.

We clogged up the switchboard, we took down their servers with the amount of traffic, we yelled & DC heard! It isn't over yet!

If you:

love the free internet...

you believe the government has no business in censoring search results...

that big business has done enough damage to the experiment that is American Democracy..

you love your First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech...

you believe your rights shouldn't be trampled on for $$...

you believe that Congress should not do an end zone run around the Judicial branch...

you believe that no one should be able to steal your website with the help of Congress, or anyone else...

you believe the RIAA, MPAA, and Rupert Murdock do NOT have your best interests at heart by trying to shut down the web...

you believe that there are better ways to combat internet piracy than to steal websites, censor results and lie to the people...


Do so EVERY day. Email is good, phones are better, and in person is best!! I understand that not everyone can get to their elected official's nearest office (VA is no where near SA, TX) but you CAN have your voice heard!

Contact your Representative, your Senators, and the White House.

Big Business may think they own DC, but they don't. There's far more of us than there are of them & their $$ will only get them so far. Stand up & be counted. Shout out & be heard.


15 December 2010

My case for legalization of marijuana

Let me start off by saying that:
1 - I do NOT smoke weed. PERIOD. I do NOT want to smoke weed. PERIOD.

2 - I do NOT believe that smoking weed makes you a better or worse person.

3 - I do NOT believe that weed makes you suseptible to every other drug on the planet.

4 - I do NOT believe weed makes you commit crimes or become violent but all people react differently so I will not say it is impossible, only highly improbable given my personal experiences with those that do partake.

With those caveats out of the way, let's get on with it.

I have long had issue with the federal government, and state governments, outlawing marijuana. There is no Constitutional basis for the outlawing of it, it was legal up into the 1920s so the change in societal ideas seems to coincide with Prohibition, which I take moral issue with. (If I chose not to do something, that's MY right. However I do NOT believe anyone has the right (nor does society at large) to force others to conform to my beliefs. Outside of a few tenants that are sacrosanct - murder, rape, torture, & generally forcing those who are helpless to protect themselves into doing something they don't want to do, society has no rights to enforce upon you or me or anyone a set of rules that must be followed without deviation.)

The fallacy of a federal government (or any government for that matter) that outlaws a growing plant does NOT escape me. It is a naturally growing, perfectly normal, plant. What a HUMAN does with it after harvesting it should NOT make the plant illegal. Plain & simple common sense dictates that man writing a law on paper holds no sway in the kingdom of Flora & Fauna. This is an absolute. I can outlaw mosquitoes, doesn't mean they're going to go away or give a squirt that I outlawed them. Same for a non-sentient (to currently knowledge any way) plant. It is ludicrous for a man (or group of men) to make a law saying a plant can't grow or be grown. IT OCCURS WITHOUT THOUGHT TO MAN, thus your law against it is pointless & nothing more than political aggrandizement of wanton stupidity. My opinions on political wanton stupidity are for a different day.

The sheer money we spend to keep those who imbibe in the weed in prison every day is staggering & needless waste! The tax payer (you, me & every other honest American but apparently NOT Wesley Snipes - among others) pays for their food, their bed, their clothes, their medicine, their entertainment, their education, their subsidization with work, their physical protection & the creation of NEW prisons in which to keep them. WHAT do we get out of this? NOT A DAMN THING! They don't work on chain gangs so we get no sweat equity. They learn from more hardened criminals how to break the law & not get caught again so we get only hardened criminals coming out. We get the joy of jailhouse lawyers who's only purpose in learning the law is to thwart it or screw over the honest citizens amongst us, so we get ceremonially shit on by those who use as well. We get a backlog of court cases clogging an already busy system, thus preventing the vast majority of defendants to their speedy day in court. We lose countless man hours for police to attempt to catch & punish those who smoke a weed.

What is the difference between marijuana & tobacco? Honestly, on a molecular level to a moral level if you have something to say I welcome it. One would think molecularily they are very different, and while many do get a 'high' off of weed, it isn't a violent one, or a criminal one. It makes you stupid & hungry. Not at all what I would term as a threat to society or even to yourself.

The federal government, including military doctors, PRESCRIBE marijuana to patients with conditions that make them not eat. Be it cancer to adverse effects to other medications, it is prescribed by the employees of the very government that says it's illegal. That hypocrisy has never sat well with me. I'm all for giving a cancer patient something to help them eat, but to give them the very thing that they can't legally buy without cancer eating them alive from the inside out is disturbing to me on a deeply visceral level.

If we were to legalize weed in small quantities, much like they do in the Netherlands, for immediate use at a government sanctioned location/pot hut we would then be able to legally TAX it. The federal government is always moaning it doesn't have enough $$, but goes out of its way to hobble itself in the process.

Weed legalization would see an almost immediate decrease in the number of people in the criminal justice system. They wouldn't be arrested, freeing up Police time & supplies to combat ACTUAL criminals. They wouldn't be found guilty, thus producing yet another mouth for the societal teat to feed.

Weed legalization would allow Police $$ & time & personnel to be better spent tracking actual criminals instead of low end personal users. What I do in my own home is my own business, just as I feel what you do in your home is your business. Animals, children & elderly aside - if you're all consenting adults I don't care! Nor do I want or need to know about it unless I chose to partake in it with you.

Weed legalization would lead to a near to immediate reduction in prison inmates. No one arrested for minor use, means no minor users taking up space! That would DRASTICALLY lower the costs to pay for prisoners. From bedding & clothes to toilet paper to wipe their asses to food to fill their bellies to meds to quiet their aches & pains. From not having to buy the little turds a new XBox or Wii to less electricity because less facilities to lower construction costs, its a win win in my opinion. (Feel free to share yours in the comments, I really do like to hear & see different view points.)

So it would lead to an immediate decrease in prisoner numbers, prison costs, and court costs. It would lead to an immediate upswing in tax income as well.

Thus is my opinion & reasoning behind supporting the legalization of marijuana.
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