23 April 2009

Well sumbitch ...

Rick Nelson's "Garden Party" album is one hard sumbitch to come by! YouTube is useless as well, I can ONLY find "Garden Party" from that album, none of his other songs in any form. Blech.

1. "Let It Bring You Along"
2. "Garden Party"
3. "So Long Mama"
4. "I Wanna Be With You"
5. "Are You Really Real?"
6. "I'm Talking About You" (Chuck Berry)
7. "Night Time Lady"
8. "Flower Opens Gently By"
9. "Don't Let Your Goodbye Stand" (Richard Stekol)
10. "Palace Guard"

I have yet to locate a copy over here anywhere! No USAFE library has a copy of it, and I really don't want to pay and arm and a leg for an LP that I can't play (no turntable).

It isn't like he's some child molesting criminal, head shaving druggie, or lunatic diva! No, sadly, he just passed to early in life and was a good singer (don't know about showman). It seems in the 'modern' world if you have any genuine talent, you're to be shoved out the door as soon as possible, and have dust fall on your LPs, and have your voice silenced. I mean, come on! No real human would want to hear someone who can sing without a drum machine, or fake vocals!

Yeesh! People wonder why we're stuck with "do buffaloes have wings" kind of stupid? Because vapid heads, crappy vocal cords, and big tits is all that's required by most consumers. I'm genuinely ashamed of American 'culture' and the fact a bimbo with no talent (other than kissing a chick with chapstick) can outshine a man who truly had talent is depressing.

I'm off to YouTube the stupid away ... It might take a while. It seems 'culture' has left a bad taste in my mouth, and a horrible ringing in my ears.


  1. Well your homework assignment was to listen to Garden party....

  2. Um, no, he meant the album not just the title track. Even when I cuss like a sailor, I am a fairly well-behaved child. :)


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