13 April 2009

Back from

The Phlegraean Fields. While I didn't meet Dis Pater, or get to see the Sybil in action in Cumae, I had a good trip.

As of now my card reader is misbehaving so I can't upload any of the 3 gig of photos I took of the region, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontis, Stabae or the other regions but I have lots of photos.

I took a friend on a "private tour" of Pompeii. We happened to both go to Naples (her first time) with the families and she wanted to see the dead people in Pompeii. So, I took them to the Suburban Baths, the Casa Ara Massima, Casa del Principe de Napoli, Casa Amorini Dorati, & Casa del Menandro in 7 hours. I also got to visit the ancient herbalist in Pompeii for some Lavender perfume, and some honeysuckle oil and even some cooking goods. I also made a point of paying homage to the Lares in all the shrines I found. A pox on those that would take the offering to the gods!

Hopefully they enjoyed the trip, even if I did keep them awhile. Oh, and for the record they've closed the cafes in Pompeii's & Herculaneum's Scavii. That sucks butt as they both had bathrooms, though they did open up a few new goodies in Herculaneum (but the Villa of the Papyri is still closed for excavations).

I got to see Roman Hell (technically the entrance to the Roman Underworld). Saw what's claimed to by the Sybil's cave at Cumae (I highly doubt it), the Temple of Zeus, and the Temple of Apollo (I would think the caves in the region of the Apollo would be where the Sybil was). Cuma wasn't a bad trip, but not much of it survives sadly. I also paid homage to Apollo and Zeus, though not to the 'Sybil's cave'. Again, a pox upon those that would disrespect the offering!

I'll upload pics as soon as I can access them via my finicky card reader.

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  1. Ah man! Almost exactly nine years ago, I guess it was, I got to freakin live in Napoli for a month. When we went to Pompeii there was only one bathroom, and there was much hilarity when we had to change a baby's diaper. So good.

    Anyway, following your blog now.


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