20 April 2009

1 down, 1 to go, 1 to fail

Haha, I'm sure my dad gets the title joke.

I finished one of my 'homework' assignments. I make my kids continue learning over the summer. There is no such thing as "summer slump" in our house, nor was there one in my childhood home, or my mom's, or back and back. I do not allow my children to vegetate for the summer. I believe in continuing to expand their mind and horizons. However, my middle child seems to take this not so much in stride. She complained to my dad (hi daddy!) that it wasn't fair that I could give them homework, but that I never had to do any. Ooooh, the things the child doesn't realize at this age.

So, my father gave me 3 pieces of 'homework', to be done by the time we reached TX. Sadly, we will not be able to take leave in conjunction with our PCS, so we will be traveling directly to VA. However, I have still been working on my 'homework'.

My three subjects were - read Gorky Park by Martin Cruz Smith; listen to a copy of "Garden Party" by Rick Nelson; listen to Rush (not Limbaugh though he's just as bad imo).

I've finished Gorky Park. Very good book, very very Soviet like. I've got the next one (Arctic Star) on order from the library up at Ramstein. I will say the ending is not what I expected (much gorier than), but very open-ended and not at all to my tastes. I'm hoping with the next one that the open endedness of it feeds well into the next part of the story.

Rick Nelson is NOT any easy artist to get a cd of. He's in that la-la land of musical history in which no one copies his stuff for dubbing into movies, and very few cds were made of his lp masters. I'm working on it though, so ... And I do NOT use Apple iTunes as they want to do everything in Euro and Italian based on my IP and I have no desire as an American to be forced to use a foreign language and foreign (read much more expensive) currency.

I will NOT listen to Rush. I would rather fail that 'assignment' than subject my tender head and ears to that drivel.


  1. Ever hear of a site called You-Tube?

    As far as 'RUSH' goes,,,You-Tube is not their friend,,,if you don't like the GAY LOOK.

  2. I'm the kind of person to want a copy of the album, so I can rip the mp3s to my hard drive. :)

    Oh, and YouTube happens to make my computer crash at times so I'm very iffy about running the site. I think it's my computer, but technogod can't figure it out and I don't take my chances.


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