27 April 2009

Commnuicable Disesase 101

Good morning class! Today we're going to discuss the futility of using a surgical mask to shield you from the flu! If you're wearing one, it will NOT (repeat, NOT) protect you from, or prevent you from getting, the flu. Not human flu, not avian flu, not swine flu. Just because Asians wear them doesn't make it good hygiene, or disease prevention practice.

If the Spanish Lady has again come to dance, you're just as safe without one on, and you won't look like a moron who doesn't grasp the basics of virus size versus porousness of a cloth. Oh, she's the "Spanish Lady" because Spain was not a belligerent nation during WWI and actually published the fact there was a flu rampaging and laying waste to it's people. As the belligerents didn't list their death tolls (or even that they had the sickness) an estimated 40 MILLION (at least) died during her last visit. Mother Nature's population control at it's finest - kill all the breeding age adults (20-40) while NOT killing most children or elderly as a normal flu. I am a pessimist, I'm 30. We're overdue for a Pandemic, too.

Repeat after me - the best way to keep yourself from getting the flu is to use good hygiene practices like washing/sanitizing your hands on a regular basis. Covering your cough or sneeze with your elbow to prevent it getting on your hand. Abstain from hand shaking to prevent transfer. Avoid large gatherings such as movie theaters and other enclosed areas. Walk on the sidewalk if possible instead of riding in a subway car or bus if you must venture out.

If you're sick, STAY HOME! Do not spread the disease by wanton lack of hygiene. You won't earn yourself any friend, or influence people.

For the surprise pop quiz, were you paying attention?

How many died (at least) during the last Pandemic?

Why was it called the "Spanish Lady"?

Who were (and are) the most likely candidates to die?

Will a surgical mask keep you from getting sick?

I'll give you extra credit if you can tell me the percentage of the world's population that died during the "Spanish Lady's" outbreak.


  1. One of the reasons the healthy young males died from it was because they were packed like sardiens on troop ships.

    The other part was that back then they didn't have anti-biotics.

    Do I get any points, even if I didn't answer ay of your questions?

  2. I will award points due to you thinking on a different track, but still thinking. That's the purpose of the exercise. :)


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