18 April 2009


I feel like that, at least for the moment. I've got PCS wheel's up dates, billeting dates, housing pre and final out inspection dates. I've got Medical Clearance paperwork, I've got Hard Copy Orders. I've got a truck shipping date, and a date for FMO to drop off loaner furniture. I've got a date to get our household shipment, and unaccompanied baggage, dates. Yeah, yeah my husband did most of that but I put in a fair amount of leg work too.

I just typed up our housing request for the gaining base now I only need to fax it.

I've typed my PTA newsletter, board meeting minutes, I've made all the beanbags for our upcoming carnival (though I need to sew a few more closed). I've finished the new Nomination Forms for the incoming board nominations.

So now I sit, somewhat vegging. Our PCS is moving along smoothly, though we won't be going to TX as hoped. We will go directly to VA, with no leave in conjunction. Now, just a few more things to stress over, but other than that things are coming together nicely. Yay!

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