05 March 2009

Some pet peeves, and some stupid things that make me happy

Yeah, I got a menagerie - and I'm not talking a bad Tennessee Williams play.

If it's rainy and you can't drive 30 kph (about 18.5mph), you don't need to be on the road. You do not take a ridiculously low speed limit, divide it by 2 and then find it's square root to get the speed you drive. 30 really does mean 30! Ugh.

If you ever submit recipes to one of the fundraiser style cookbooks - PROOFREAD the recipe! Then do it again, before you submit it. Please! Those of us who type the recipes in will appreciate it.

Weather gods, northern Italy has plenty of rain. Really, go share some with Texas. She's parched!

I do NOT want to live with civilians in base housing. Call me a snob, I don't give a rat's patoouti. If you've privatized the base housing, do NOT advertise to civilians in an attempt to get unsafe, unchecked people on base. Let alone among the families of military members. That is not a great way to do business, or to guard the safety of the military when they're at one of their most vulnerable times. Really, how hard is it to grasp that "I'm not in the military, WTF do I feel entitled to live on a military base". Those houses aren't the greatest, but they're a benefit of telling Unky Sam you'll let people try to kill you for crap pay for 20+ years to get to retire.

Hehe, I love the sewing store over in Sacile. My Italian is absolute crap, sorry Spanish is more important to keep than to learn Italian to me. They sell the best stuff, and at rock bottom prices! I needed a new clasp for me cloak and our base craft center doesn't carry squat it seems. However, the lovely ladies at the sewing store sell really cool stuff. As such, I got almost 2 yards of pinkish-purple pleather (don't ask me why) for E9. That's about $11.50. Hot damn! That's good! I think I might make the oldest some pants with it - she's weird like me.

So, now in addition to my new clasp for my cloak (here comes the Sith Lord as some of the kiddos call me - I'm 'cool', I know StarWars!), I have some material to make some pants of.

Our craft store on base did have, did I bought most of it, material remnants for 25 cents each. What sewer/crafter do you know of that can pass up 25 cent a piece material? Especially when they need to make beanbags for the upcoming school carnival? Uh huh, that also allows the oldest heathen to practice on her little sewing machine, and make some Barbie clothes in the patter she'd like. Our craft store doesn't rock often, but when it does - IT DOES!

I love, love, LOVE, Amira Mor and her bellydance workout dvds. Bellydancing rocks out too! In 4 months of 2 times a week (Bellyrobics on Monday, Bellydance on Wed) I've toned 13 inches (yea, I said 13 inches) off my waist. No weight change, but screw the scale! Of course my pants don't fit properly, but what the hell, that's part of the fun, no?

Now, off to type more recipes. Again I say, PROOFREAD any you send someone else! For the love of all that is holy, please proofread them!

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