22 March 2009

I don't need no stinking title

Actually, I can't think of one so here we go.

Had fun at my Hafla last night. I'm very sad to see my friend go, even though I'm terribly excited for her and wish her a wonderful life in all her future adventures. At least I know I'll have someone to stay with if we ever go to the west coast.

Sometimes it seems my good friends PCS as soon as we get here, and then I get new ones right before we leave. All the rest of the time I'm stuck with back-stabbing bitches who are passive-aggressive. Eh, one of the not fun parts of the military life.

I'm waiting for June 1st. On that day, I get to tell certain people to kiss my bright white ass. I am greatly looking forward to it.

Updated the recipe blog with recipes (several of which are reposts, but many more are shiny and new!) I've even set up recurring posts so you'll get a new recipe every week - on Monday. Yay me!

Off to make chalk with the heathens. I hope your weekend has been relaxing and recharging. I know mine has.

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