03 March 2009

New Vehicle

Well, the pre-PCS gods have smiled upon us. Hubby yesterday got inspected, registered, and road tax paid on the new 'truck'. A Toyota Rav 4, but British! Left-hand shift which made the gentleman we bought it from sell it cheaper (seems most Americans won't bother to learn left shifting). Yay! Hubby has another vehicle to get him to and from, it will fit us all (a bit cramped but still), gets great gas mileage and was cheap by used car standards. We even have some people who've expressed interest in buying it when we PCS.

The truck is running slightly better. It seems running it totally dry (totally not on purpose) may have put air back in the fuel line and the gas mileage has gone up again. Not loads, but some. We're still awaiting parts (grrr Autozone!), but when they get here hopefully it improves that much more until we can get the truck to a Dodge dealer in Texas come June/July. We've got new spark plugs, 02 sensor, and gas cap on order. Yes, if the vacuum seal on the truck's gas line isn't correct it will cause a "check engine" light and throw a vacuum seal error to the computer. We've already had to replace it twice in it's lifetime so hopefully that is a major part of the issues.

But, we're back to a two car family! Yay!

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