11 March 2009

The Runaway Scrape

Sam Houston abandoned Gonzales, and fled from the advance of brutal dictator and mass murderer Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. It would be two days until Houston learned of the Fall of the Alamo from Mrs. Dickinson, then all out panic would spur the Texicans to flee.

Gonzales was burned to the ground to prevent it falling into Mexican hands. Many more towns, villages, and farms were burned in a scorched earth campaign to deny the Mexican army food, and pillage.

While even now debate rages as to if Houston was trying to lead Santa Anna into a trap on the Louisiana border, it is clear Santa Anna had a well earned reputation as a man that would mass murder, mutilate, and massacre those who opposed him. As the Texian army fled, it left settlements unprotected, so the settlers were smart enough to run to save their skins.

The Texas War of Independence is picking up speed. Soon it will come to a head, but there are dark deeds yet to be seen before Texas will be free of Mexican aggression.

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