13 March 2012

Kitchen Nightmares - Season 1

Season 1 (as listed by Wikipedia) restaurants are checked against Yelp, Google, Zagat & any other sites linked for the information.

S1-Ep1 Peter's in Babylon, NY - CLOSED

S1-Ep2 Purnima in New York, NY - OPEN *Was originally named "Dillon's" which is currently just the name of the bar.

S1-Ep3 The Mixing Bowl Eatery in Bellmore, NY - CLOSED

S1-Ep4 The Seascape in Islip, NY - CLOSED *was sold, then turned into "The Coast Bistro & Bar" which has since closed as well*

S1-Ep5 The Olde Stone Mill in Tuckahoe, NY - OPEN and seems to be doing well

S1-Ep6 Sebastian's in Taluca Lake, CA - CLOSED *filmed in season 1, aired in season 2

S1-Ep7 Finn McCool's Irish Pub in Westhampton Beach, NY - OPEN & from the looks of it doing well. *SOLD as of the end of Season 1, but still open under the same name.

S1-Ep8 Lela's Fine Dining in Pomona, CA - CLOSED

S1-Ep9 Campania's in Fair Lawn, NJ - CLOSED

S1-Ep10 The Secret Garden in Moorpark, CA - OPEN and seems to be doing well.

So our total for Season 1 restaurants are 6 CLOSED, 4 OPEN. Not a terrible amount of closures, but not pretty either. Considering some sold, and still closed, I think we can chock those up to a bad economy.

Up next .... Season 2!


  1. More than just the economy, a friend of mine in the business once told me that restaurants tend to last about 18 months, then the owners want to cash out while they're at their peak.

    I don't know empirically if that's accurate, but it makes some sort of sense to me.

    BTW, did I tell you I'm in Austin these days? I can't remember if I told you.

  2. Hhhmmm, I guess I just grew up going to long term restaurants. I still adore the hamburgers at Strom's up in Lampassas. There's a few holes in the wall in San Antonio.

    You so did NOT tell me you were in Austin! How is it doing at your end? Hopefully settled and readjusting to being a Texan. ;)

  3. Even though I'd never lived in Austin, as I drove into town on my move, I felt like I was home. Even after living in the DC area for 35 years (broken up by 5 years overseas), it never felt like it was home.

    Add to that the joy of marrying a good friend from high school, and I'm a pretty happy man right about now. :-)

  4. Hmm...I meant to respond to this last week, but somehow let it slip away.

    Even though I had never lived in Austin before, as I was driving into town in my Uhaul truck, pulling my Exploder, it felt like it was home. That was a feeling I never got in the DC area, despite living there for over 30 years (with a 5-year side-trip to Europe).

    Oh, and got married last summer to a girl I fell in love with in 1972. Well, she's not a girl these days, but...well, you know what I mean. :-)

  5. You responded. I just hadn't moded them yet. I'm slow sometimes. :D

    I'm glad to hear you've got that "HOME" feeling. Austin never gave it to me but I'm more of a N-NE Texas kind with the big blue skies & acre on acre of nothing but cedar trees & grass.

    Very happy to hear y'all are settling in & congrats on getting hitched!

  6. Man, you *are* slow! lol

    I thought you were from south of San Antonio. Oh, maybe that's where you're *from*, but your preference is up where trees besides mesquite and oak grow. I *think* I unnerstan.

  7. I was born & raised there buy my people are from south Texas, up around Abilene, not too far from Ft. Worth and near to Kyle. Of course we're all scattered to the winds now, mine blew all the way to VA. But you prove there's always hope I can get back again! :)

    Seriously I doubt there's a region or major town I can't find a cousin in (at least one). If I'm short of blood family I've got plenty of military family out of state.


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