01 February 2011

Happy Birthday

To Mr. Frank Woodruff Buckles of Charlestown, WV. He is our ONLY surviving WW1 veteran & he turns 110 today, Feb 1 2011.

The things he's seen come & go. The beauty & the horrors & just the every day bits of life are astounding.

He survived the battlefields of France as an ambulanceman.

He was a civilian POW of the Japanese in WWII, having served in the Merchant Marines.

As a special gift to him & and his 5 million comrades in arms in the US alone, please contact your local, state & federal officials to push for a
National WWI Memorial.

Sadly we do NOT have a National monument to those who served in the Great War. It is long, long over due. While Mr. Buckles would most likely not survive to see its completion (unless we all worked together to get it done), we owe him the honor of seeing the ground breaking. Please, write a letter to your Congressman, your Senators, your Governor, your State representatives & push them to finally do what is so long long past being needed & honorable.

Mr. Buckles is 110, today! We've been blessed to have him for this long but tomorrow is never a guarantee for any of us, so anything America can do for him is nothing short of what's owed him as the last remaining member of our WW1 fighting corps. He is a representative of all those who have gone before him, the absolute least the nation can do is to honor their sacrifices & give a proper memorial to those who fought, bled & died in our name.

Happy Birthday Mr. Buckles. May it find you healthy, happy, and surrounded by those who love & care about you.

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