13 January 2011

So did your sign change?

According to the Minnesota Planetarium Society (don't they just sound like farmers watching stars instead of cows), the zodiac is NOT correct. Honestly it isn't & hasn't been for a long time. The sun signs as given are based on 2000 year old astrology. Not 2000 years worth of astrology, literally astrology that was done 2000 years ago.

So are you now one of the new, 13th sign? Ophiuchus is actually now the 12th sign, so you late blooming Sagittarius may get to stay where you are. However I'm a Leo - through & through. My sign is still Leo, thought I'm now in the "cusp" week at the beginning of the sign.

Not that I live my life by my astrology. Its just an amusement. Any Ophichus readers out there? Did your sign change? Do you think you fit well in your 'new' one?

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