11 May 2010

Status, status what's going on

Filled out my first Census form ever. Was NOT impressed at the available answers for genetic make-up. I'm not Caucasian, I do NOT have ties to Russia or even look like I'm from the Caucus mountains. I also despise the stupid "what kind of hispanic are you" question. Only hispanics get the full run down of options. Everyone else is pretty much lumped together. Also, since when are Middle Easterners WHITE? I've met many from different lands including Israel and they do NOT look white by any stretch of the color scale. So just to screw with them I marked all our genetic makeups & said we were "Texans" as our race. Just like what I put on my voter's registration card & my driver's license. When the government asks me stupid questions, I like to screw with them!

I'm starting the garden. Its a tiny bit late but I'm now on blood pressure meds so I have to limit my sun exposure. Considering last year's cold weather I *should* get about 2 harvest of most veggies and fruits in before the frost comes.

I'm working on starting a frog pond - again taking longer than I'd like due to sun sensitivity issues - as that is the last thing I need to do to set up our back yard as a Certified Wildlife Habitat with the National Wildlife Fund. I already know I get squirrels, rabbits, & several different kinds of birds. I've put up bat houses but so far no takers. I'm hoping to teach the kiddos about some of the world around them a bit more up close this summer.

We've got a new family member. Dottie is part chocolate lab, part whippet. She's only 35lbs but a wonderful dog. She likes her 2 mile morning walks and I'll be honest, I can use the exercise. The cat and she get along okay. I won't say they're fast friends yet but they'll secretly sleep on the couch together as long as no whoomans are watching them.

I've got some baby Robins under the back patio! They're ugly little things, really only a mother could love them they're that ... just homely little creatures. However I found them on Mother's Day so I guess I love them too.

So everything is moving along here in VA. I'm hoping everything is going well in cyberspace. Oh! Don't forget that Her Majesty, the QOAE has returned!


  1. Do you accept guest posts? I would love the opportunity to submit an article to (atexanabroad.blogspot.com) about traumatic brain injury as it relates to the military. Let me know, thanks.



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