12 April 2010

Comments & Overlords

So I keep getting spam comments that I can't delete. So I've had to add comment captcha words again. I hate the stupid things but as Google is too busy telling those nasty little Chinese who want to know what's going on in the world that their wonderful, loving, all powerful murderous government doesn't want them to know things, it seems they've broken the coding for Blogger in the process. I can't delete crap comments & the stupid Blogger thing at the top of the screen isn't keeping me logged in but is recognizing I'm logged in as soon as I reclick "Sign In". For the foreseable future the words will remain on. Sorry.

We went to DC for 3 days at the end of last week. It was enjoyable, but expensive & we went dirt cheap. Couldn't get lodging because everyone was booked & for some weird reason Andrews AFB has NO TLF until May when they move into new digs for the billeting office. But, that's okay. We still got there & we'll be going back.

The Metro worked really well minus the Red line fire at Metro center on Friday. The trains were actually pretty clean, & not too terribly crowded (minus said fire & line disruption). We didn't make it to the National Zoo - too cold! but we did spend a whole day at the Air & Space museum & then the American History museum. Thursday we spent at the Mall. Saw all the monuments (didn't go in the Washington one, but saw it) & visited the Vietnam & Korea memorials. Got to say "thank you" to 2 gentlemen who fought in the Pacific in WWII at their memorial. They were both very young men when they helped liberate Asia & in the process helped liberate my great-grandfather so they deserved so much more than just my thanks but that's all I had to offer them.

If seeing your nation's capitol & thanking veterans doesn't make you tear up, nothing will. Even with the cesspool that is Congress in the background, I was still incredibly proud of my nation & what all its done in the world.

Einstein has a new home. He, well he snapped at one of the kids & that was strike 2 after biting the husband. We found a very lovely single lady who lives right on the beach. They enjoy each others' company & he's thriving. I'm glad he's happy & didn't have to get put down, but I'm sorta sorry to have seen him go. He's a good dog, just not the right one for us & we're not the right one for him. So we're back to a single pet family at the moment.

1 comment:

  1. I've got one for you next time you're in San Antonio.
    Scooter is happy and friendly and loving.

    We think he's part Collie with some kind of cow dog. He also thinks he's a cat, the way he pets himself by rubbing on the sofa.

    WV: blega?
    Oh well blegas can't be choosas...


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