29 May 2009


For my beloved Boyd. *Update your blog! Purty pleeze?*

Can't run until I'm 35, which happens in 2013. I would be the VP mate.

Some stances on the issues...

1. No perks for office. Cattle car, no 1st class crap. Fast food, no 5* restaurants. If you don't want to foot the bill, why the hell should the tax payer?

2. Term limits on Congress. If they want only 2 terms for the Pres, they only get 2 terms. (I'm personally against term limits but if its good for the goose, its good for the gander.)

3. Congress would be salary capped at the same amount the Pres gets. They wouldn't be allowed to vote a pay raise without a Federal ballot to the voters. Keeps 'em more honest if they have to ask to get more money for not giving any more services.

4. Mandatory 2 years of service to your nation. The military is NOT an option - ie, you could join but not for 2 years, keep enlistments at what they currently are length wise. If you serve, you avoid the 2 year commitment, but you commit to more time that way. You could build roads, string power lines, clean streets, install drainage pipes, run irrigation lines, et cetera as forms of service to your nation.

5. Pay raise for the military, NOT tied to inflation so you're just above poverty level.

6. Flat tax rate - 10-15% off the top. Removal of tax shelters, and implementation of punishment via heavy fines for hiding funds in off-shore accounts, Swiss numbered accounts, et cetera. Total chucking of the 'tax code' currently in use.

7. Removal of ALL perks for those out of office - no security, no free rides, no nada. The military has to bust ass for 20 years to get retirement benefits, why the hell should a politician that sits on their ass get anything after only 8 years?

8. No gifts from anyone over $300. The US military lives by this rule, why the hell should an elected official with more money get a pass on ethics?

9. A serious issue is why are the 'servants' being paid more than their masters?

10. Raising the military and teachers to the status they belong on - why are those who lay their lives down, and educate your young worth less $$ wise than fake tits and fat cats?

Does that help? :D


  1. For my beloved Boyd. *Update your blog! Purty pleeze?*No. Not gonna. Don' wanna. *sticks out lower lip in a pout*

  2. In my house its more of a sing-song "I don't wanna, you can't make me!". :)


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