04 March 2011

Lying In Honor for Mr. Buckles ~ We need your help!

Speaker of the House Boehner (Bonehead is more like) is REFUSING to give Mr. Frank W. Buckles a Lying In Honor, or a Lying In State in the Capitol Rotunda. He's also REFUSING to say WHY!

I want to know WHY Frank W. Buckles, the LAST US veteran of WWI is being denied the honor of a Lying In Honor or a Lying In State. Its okay that the shriveled up old draft dodger cry babies hold office & send men off to die, but its NOT okay to honor those who came back from the killing fields they were sent to?

Rosa Parks got the honor of a Lying In Honor in the Capitol Rotunda, but the LAST veteran of the Great War to wear a US military uniform who went on to be a civilian POW of the Japanese in the Philippines isn't "entitled" to the honor according to the Speaker.

Worse yet, if you contact his office his staff has said that he only represents the 8th District of Ohio, NOT the American People. Yet he is the Speaker of the House so he answers to ALL Americans. Right now, he's refusing to answer to anyone.

Instead he's taking thousands of dollars a head to whine at fundraisers about his affair & blubbering on national television. That damn well doesn't sit okay with me!

Even the BBC & the French are having a go at the US for refusing to honor our last doughboy! Is the US so bereft of respect for their military that they'll allow an elected wind bag, who cries at the drop of a hat, ceremonially shit on the last US WWI veteran?

If you don't approve of this treatment of the last of an era, CONTACT YOUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES!

Speaker of the House

House of Representatives

112th Senate

The White House

Your Governor

Ask that Mr. Frank W. Buckles be given a Lying In Honor (if not the higher honor of a Lying In State) with an Honor Guard, in the Capitol Rotunda.

Ask what rules are being used to deny him this honor.

Ask why an elected official has refused to answer or explain his decision.

Ask why an elected official would refuse such an honor.

Let's get Mr. Buckles, and all his fellow doughboys, the honor they have long been denied!

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