03 November 2010

Mid terms 2010

So I've been absent for a while but not gone, just not here.

Turned in before the election results were in for TX last night.

Perry was reelected - THAT SUCKS! We're stuck with the status quo for the next several years (I intensely dislike Rick Perry & his good ol' boy system). Expect more land grabs from poor farmers for the Trans-Texas Corridor (which I support the corridor, not the means its been used for) in favor of major contributors to his political coffers. Perry is NOT a servant of anyone but his own megalomania. I didn't support White either, they're both vipers in different suits is all...

Dist 23 in San Antonio - Ciro D. Rodriquez LOST. I'm very sorry for that. I don't always agree with him, but I can honestly say every time I've ever written to his office I get a response & I'm not talking some form letter. I mean an honest response explaining why he voted a certain way, or requesting more information or even a thanks for contacting him & agreeing with how he's voted. He's a good man & those are pretty damn rare to find in the political arena. I'm sorry to hear he lost. I've even gotten phone calls in Italy & here in VA on our Vonage line from his office. That's a hell of a public servant, a hell of a politician & he has my deepest respect & admiration for it. I hope his challenger, Francisco Canseco, can live up to that kind of a political servant. I see his defeat as a great loss to the people of Texas & he was a servant of all, not just a few.

That's about all I have to say on the TX elections.

As for the national ones, there's gonna be an awful lot of hand wringing in DC about how fickle the US voters are, how short sighted we are, how much messiah was doing good for people to stupid to know what's good for them. I'm hoping he gets his ass creamed come 2012 to drive the final nail through the coffin of his Obamacare & $800TRILLION deficits. I can always hope American voters remember how pissed they are now.

I hope the Republicans are smart enough to figure out this isn't support of them, but the election of the lesser of 2 evils. If not, 2012 will be a whole hell of a lot more interesting! This is repudiation of DC in general, not reinforcement of the 2 party system. It remains to be seen if those on the R side of the isle are smart enough to see it...

It seems that the Europeans are both trashing the Tea Party & embracing it depending on their ideologies. I hope they can use lessons from these elections to give power back to the people, that's where it ultimately belongs. I seem to be getting more & more jaded in my view of life & politics the older I get.

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