16 March 2010

New Recipe

I added a recipe for Butter at the recipe blog. I haven't fallen off the Earth, just busy living life.

Time to get back to prepping the garden. Hope all is well in cyberspace and IRL.

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  1. Hi Rhianna!

    I’m contacting you today about the possibly of submitting a guest post on your blog about how online high schools can be a great option for some military families. I’m writing on behalf of Olympus High School and we have seen several students achieve academic success after enrolling with the school after bouncing around at brick & mortars for years. I thought this might be a nice post on your blog, especially because a lot of families simply don’t know about this education option. Please feel free to email me (katieg@fasthorseinc.com) if you have any questions, but we could submit a post rather quickly for your approval.

    Have a wonderful day!



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