31 January 2009

The weight debate

Jessica Simpson is a grade-A idiot. A disgrace to Texan women everywhere. We are not so dumb as to believe that buffaloes have wings, tuna is chicken, or any other idiotic, lame brained thing to come out of her mouth. We also don't think it's cool to have your dad involved in your sex life - especially if he's a 'preacher' who's ditched your mom for fake titted, bleach blonde bimbos that look way, WAY too much like you and your younger sister. That shit's just creepy, hell it gives creep the creeps.

Now, on to the weight issue. Do NOT sell your cheap ass in a bikini, or Daisy Dukes (which you weren't fit to wear in the first place!), then bitch when you're NOT that sexy. You don't get it both ways. Either you sell your body (which is what she's happy to do), or you use your mind (which she obviously doesn't possess much of). When you gain weight, and your entire life revolves around how 'hot' you look, they'll call you fat. Get over it! You put yourself in that position, so don't whine when you get the negative that comes along with it. Stop putting the chicken fried steak in you mouth and get you fat ass on a treadmill. I'd say read something, and learn to use your brain but well, I'm not sure you can make it through the Cat & the Hat without needing to sound out the big words ...

This is why I feel no empathy for those who live life as airheads with fake tits! Eventually the tits sag, but stupid goes right to the bone. There is no way in hell anyone can play that stupid, for that long, without really being THAT STUPID.


  1. You should stop holding back, and tell us how you REALLY feel! Thank you for just sayin' it like it is.

  2. The Rev and I have the same reaction. Holding back your thoughts and feelings will likely make you explode sometime in the future.


  3. I have no idea how the Rev. found me, but I don't consider this blog appropriate for the religious or 'right minded'. I'm far from PC, but Boyd knows that.

    As for holding back, you don't want to see me go nuclear. I did that last weekend, it wasn't pleasant.


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